2014 – A New Chapter Begins

Happy New Year!  I woke up this morning with that sense of excitement of what 2014 holds in store. Like the beginning of a new chapter in an exciting book, I love the anticipation of what could be next, exciting, delightful and/or surprising? I get the same feeling when I start a new journal. A blank book begging to be filled with the good, the bad and the ugly for it is my story and it begs to be a great one.

Shortly after getting up, I was on the 10:40 flight to Seattle. After all the fun of NYE, I was loosely asleep as the plane took off over the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains and jolted awake somewhere over an ugly Nevada Desert. Now, I’m at 35,000 ft looking over 3 mountain peaks with deep valleys in between, realizing I will be watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Seabrook, Washington.

It occurred to me that this is a good visual of how my year will probably shake out.

There will be restful moments of beautiful and jarring moments of sheer ugliness. There will be high exhilarating peaks and there will be low depressing valleys. There will be moments where I see the big picture from a vantage point of 35,000 feet cruising altitude and moments where I will be on the ground getting stuff done in turbo power. The low times will forge the character I desire and the high times will bring the joy I crave.

The chapter has yet to be written, yet I am confident in the author of my book. My joy is knowing that nothing will come b\my way that God cannot handle on my behalf. My security is that He has everything under control and my story has already been written in His book. That’s something I can rest in and stand on.

Speaking of, I am teaching this Sunday afternoon, January 5th, at Seattle Church if you would like to come its open to the public. It would be fun to share our stories together about what 2014 has in store for us.

Here’s to the BEST YEAR YET!  Yep, The Best Chapter of your life is about to be written and a great story about to be told.

Your Coach,




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