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Playing Nicely on Social Media Pays Off

When Jacqueline Jensen relocated her brand new business to Las Vegas, she was able to connect with a thriving start-up community by playing nicely with other entrepreneurs … on Twitter. In her LEXI 7-on-7 talk, Jacqueline shares some tips on how to leverage Twitter to connect with your community.

I met Jackie while visiting the downtown project in Las Vegas.

There was something special about her that I wanted to get out to the world. You will be hearing more about Jackie in the months and years to come that’s for sure! Her company Ticket Cake was an incredible solution for LEXI registrations and I look forward to using them at our next event.

In her talk, she offers tips that will challenge you to use twitter at a new level. #sherocks

When using Twitter to Connect:

  1. Have a personal identity on Twitter – not just business.
  2. Seek out community hashtags that are relevant to you.
  3. Grow a Twitter list of community leaders you admire.
  4. Observe, jump into the conversation, and then meet in real life.
  5. Use Twitter to connect before visiting a new city or community.
Jacqueline is a Founder and the COO of, a natural born doer, and an enthusiastic member of the #VegasTech community. She has been a relationship builder, problem solver, social marketer, project manager, and finance nerd. She was on the path to becoming a standout in the business banking world, but left to take a shot at following her own entrepreneurial ambitions. Today, she is inspired by serendipity and other entrepreneurs she meets.

See slides from this talk here.

I am excited to announce that Jacqueline will be joining us for the very first LEXI Las Vegas! Hope you will join us!

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