Choosing to Go Forward

If you’re not facing a business crisis right now, you will be soon. Are you prepared?

The waves are rough in a sea of adversity. But learning to swim in that setting provides you with one heck of an opportunity.

You may not be able to change the events and circumstances of the world around you. But you can choose your attitude, change your behavior, and act intentionally to take advantage of all the prospects that surround you.

However, until you stop reacting to the loss of “what was” and start responding to “what is”, you will stay in an emotionally arrested state, hunkered down in a state of fear which will never produce the results you can be proud of.

I am not saying, “Just think positive.” What I am suggesting is, surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth and help you focus not on the “how” or the “what” of your operation, but on the “who” and “why.”

What you can control, influence, and impact, do so. What you cannot control, surrender to. Not surrender in a give-up kinda way. Surrender in a courageous, bold way – intentionally dismissing the fear (false sense of controlling) and the negative self-limiting beliefs so that you may see through eyes of faith (the opposite of fear) to the amazing opportunities all around you.

Get help, get clear, and get in front of your team and talk to them! If you are scared and you actually have control, information, and power, consider your people’s emotional state every waking hour of the day without control, information, or power. Pull your employees together and methodically process with them the emotion, the fear, and the uncertainty of what is going on. Get them on the same page of how to maximize results and creatively seize opportunities!

Once you have done that, look around your sphere of influence and help others do the same. People need the real you to lead them. Courage is key in a time like this. The faster you can come to grips with your own fears, the sooner you are ready to reignite hope and optimism from an authentic place.

Your Coach,


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