Do you trust yourself? Truly trust yourself?

Do you trust yourself? In week #30 of Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, asking the question today takes on an entirely new meaning.

Trust is a word that is often taken for granted. It is a very delicate “thing” because it is either growing or eroding. That is why I am continually challenging leaders to invest in their self trust, the leadership team trust, and the organization’s trust. It makes or break … EVERYTHING!

Leaders Trust Themselves

Leaders who trust themselves are calm, confident and humble. They just know the right thing to do and they trust they will make the right decisions along the way. Leaders who compromise their values, lose sight of their priorities, and gain at the cost of others are the ones who loose first their self trust and then the trust of those around them.

“Leaders who have learned to trust themselves take great pains to live lives of integrity. They do not compromise their values, they have accountability to others, and they do not think higher of themselves than they should but instead they have a very clear vision of themselves. – Clarity page 76


So back to my question, well…do you trust yourself? I am about to take a 4 week sabbatical and travel in Europe. It took many honest scary answers with myself around trust. Do I trust myself to fully unplug? Do I trust that I can get back in the game when I get home? Then the conversation moved to others. Do I trust my assistant to act in my absence? Do I trust my clients to be gracious with me and stick with me? Lastly, Do I trust my business will not go down the tubes and loose all future clients and all those other irrational thoughts? I may as well ask, Do I trust God? 

Once I got to YES to all of the above – I was ready to go. I didn’t get there until I realized health is one of my values and to honor it and myself I must do this. I had to humble myself, realize the world is not going to end because I don’t blog, twitter, or answer the phone. My part is bring my greatness for the long haul but resting and rejuicing my creativity.

How about you do you trust yourself? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your comments

Your Coach For Clarity,