Does your organization celebrate progress? Leaders: CELEBRATE the wins! #claritytlc

As we work hard this week to  F.O.C.U.S. On What Matters, I want to highlight an entrepreneur doing it right.  The “C” in FOCUS is about CELEBRATING wins along the way.  Are you being generic cialis 5mg an encouragement to the team?  Do you have defined milestones and when they are reached do you remember to celebrate them as a team?

Last night I was on Twitter retweeting a friend's great post when her boss and my EO Seattle buddy DM'ed me with a link to check out Alyssa Magnotti's promotion.  Not only did Peter Chee of Thinkspace write an outstanding blog post congratulating her, but then made sure that I was aware of her achievement and could pass on my kudos as well.

This leadership skill is rare amongst result oriented leaders.  I guess they forget that it is actually people who get the results the drive toward.  Human beings with feelings, emotions, aspirations, problems and goals of their own are the ones out there pouring their heart into the company to get the results you demand.

How wonderful to see a leader highlighting people who are doing things right and making sure her friends can celebrate too.

Excellent work Mr. Chee and one big shout out CONGRATULATIONS to you Alyssa!

Please comment below to share how your organization celebrates the wins…Any shout outs for the leader who is doing it right?  Let's celebrate!

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