Educated Far Above Our Level of Execution

“We are educated far above our level of execution.”

Yesterday I answered a comment by Joe on Linked In with the above statement I have adapted from wise people before me.  Most leaders know the truth of what they are “suppose” to do.  Most leaders know exactly what they “should” do. Most have the answers inside their head but something draws them away from from what they “need” to do. Most have heard it before and in their head say, “I know, I know.”

Why do we know so much in our head and yet keep doing the same thing over and over?  My theory is while we know it in our head, we reject it with our heart.  Somewhere our negative self-talk, skewed beliefs regarding our value / worth, and other noise overwhelms the truth we have inside.  Now, of course, there are times that we get busy and just forget to live the principles we espouse and with a little kick we get back on our path.  I'm confronting willful resistance to what you know is best for you.

To face the truth we must be first see reality and truth from a different lens. Thus we must get to higher ground.  Get the eagle's view on life.  See the forest through the trees. Rise above our own jellyfish mentality of just getting through the day and LIVE what we know.

There are two words I disrespect – “I know.”  Well at least when they are in response to a truth someone shares with you.  What I would respect instead is “I know that to be true and I have chosen to disregard it, remind me of what I know to be true.”

You were meant for higher living and that takes discipline and it helps to have a truth-teller in your life.  Who is your truth-teller that will speak what you know to be true in your life?  Will you thank them today?  I would love to hear your success stories or even current struggles on overcoming the “suppose to,” “shoulds” and “need to's.”

If you have taken my Life 301 class you know that we don't do anything we don't WANT to do.  So what do you WANT to be different?

Your Coach,