Leadership and unmet needs – they could be taking you off course.

Last week, I was meeting with a client who was desperately trying to find himself in the midst of impressive business growth.  As we dug deep into what he believed was his values, we found half of his seeming “values” were actually unmet needs.  No wonder he was terribly crazy successful yet felt lost and wondering.

What happens when you do not honor your values?  Then you are ruled by needs, stress, addictions, past regrets and the shoulds” in life.No wonder we quickly feel the drain of joy out of life.  Life is too short to leave vitality, purpose and legacy on the table, while you strive for that proverbial carrot – stop – and start living!

What is draining your best?  Could it be things that do not matter in the long run?  Challenge yourself.

Invest the time and energy to discover your core values.  If you are not living your values, you are living someone else’s!  There are huge benefits to discovering and living your values and if you aren’t doing it today you will have regret tonight.

Your Coach for Clarity!