Leadership is about laser focus.

Mary Beth King is one of our True Life Coaching coaches that has a decade of proven success. She and I share the same heart and methodology for coaching leaders to their next level. 

Join her in this conversation about leadership and learn a few things about Leadership and Laser Focus. Clarity fans and Life 301 alumni will love this one.

Join Mary Beth’s conversation…


 Yes, strategically choosing to give time and energy to nothing but the goals.

 What goals?

 The goals that come from the leaders above and from personal leadership within.

 Goals are over-arching and complex:

  • the company’s vision statement
  • the expected profit for the division
  • the two-year project
  • the date of the triathlon

 What gets in their way?

 Everything that is not the goal. Everything is a potential distraction.

 That sounds cold-hearted.

 Not if one of your goals includes being warm-hearted.

 Should it?

 There are no should’s for the leader. There are the goals and the focus.

 Where does the focus come from?

 Focus is born out of integrity.

 But why focus? It sounds rigid and inflexible.

 Not if your goals include flexibility.

 Why focus?

 Focus handles distractions. They melt away.


 When focused, the leader knows what to do and what not to do.

Knowing what not to do makes it clear what to do.

Many a leader has crashed simply due to lack of focus.

Distractions can be very compelling. Even dressed up to look like part of the goal.

I can’t focus like that.

There’s one of those demanding little voices inside that:

  • compares the leader with others
  • judges the leader incompetent
  • tries to crowd the leader’s plate with too many tasks

How can the leader get more focus and move beyond their own doubts?

Leaders get focus and combat doubts when they:

  • clarify their goals
  • create reminders
  • compare each potential task to the goals
  • choose those tasks that align

 That sounds easy.

 Simple, yes. Easy, no.

Gaining focus also means checking out the back burners for important tasks that are being ignored.

How far back?

All the way.

Leading is about focus.

Focus keeps the leader’s “doing” aligned with the leader’s goals.

Focus is the leader’s power to ignore negative internal messages.

Focus gets things done. Well.

Focus leads to success and it models the pathway to get there.

Focus lets the leader sleep at night. It’s part of the goals.

 I can focus. 

Mary Beth King

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