Happy New Year! New Year, New Promises, Big Dreams

Happy New Year! It is an honor and a joy to have served you this year and I look forward to another incredible year supporting you to your next level.

For the last decade, we have used a comprehensive form to assist our clients in their new year planning. This year, Michael Hyatt interviewed top achievers such as, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Chalene Johnson, and Dave Ramsey, to see what they do to prepare for their new year. I was pleased to see that our form captures their main points. I thought you might enjoy reading the experts’ advice and find you have your own experts right here ready to serve you another year. We invite you to complete the form and send it back via email for our next session together and we will keep on file and send to you this time next year. It is a fun tradition we do with many of our clients.

Are you excited for 2015 with its promise of a fresh start and hope for our big dreams to come true?  I know 2014 was that for me. I got married on 12-13-14 and have enjoyed taking a few weeks off. Thank you for your well wishes and fun presents. You can read all about it at

Alas, 2015 is upon us and I am headed to San Francisco with my new husband for our first annual planning session. We have the same form and are going to plan out our entire year and start filling up our calendar with all the things that matter most.

We will be closed until January 5th, but please know that on Monday we are back in the saddle and ready to serve you!

This could be your year. Let’s do this!

Your Coach,


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