TLC Launches Brand New QUOTE OF THE DAY

I hate too much email and I love quotes. I subscribe to a daily inspiration that I read, forward, save or mostly delete. In less than 6 seconds, my thinking has been challenged and I move on. Sometimes “moved”. Sometimes hit delete to get “on” with it. I have thought for 7 years, I would like to inspire people on a daily basis like this guy does. So this morning I woke up and thought…


Why now? Well, I am inviting a few friends to join me in my “Grateful for 2,012 Things” in 2012. Hey, it’s no small task to write down 2,012 things you are thankful for and stay committed to it to the end. Actually, it is less than 6 a day or 38 per week so join us! To help myself and others be successful, I thought it was a perfect time to send an inspiring email once a day to keep it top of mind and encourage progress.

Today, I will figure out the best way to do it, launch January 1st, and perfect it over the next few weeks. Your suggestions and feedback would be most appreciated. Simply send us an email letting us know you want on the list and in 6 seconds you’ll be a step closer to your personal NEXT LEVEL each and every day.

Join In! Simply email me with the word QUOTE!

PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE and see if it makes the list.

Happy New Year from Your Coach!