What I Learned at The SCORRE Conference and Our First ASK SHANDEL PODCAST


Listen to why I loved the SCORRE conference and catch the highlights below!

When was the last time you invested in honing your craft?

Last week, I did just that by attending the Dynamic Communications Workshop in Vail, Colorado. I am extremely grateful for the SCORRE process I learned from Ken Davis, Michael Hyatt and the incredible DCW staff.

Learning from those who are the best at what you want to do is, to me, both wise and efficient. For me, I admire Michael Hyatt and follow his blog religiously. When I heard he learned so much, I knew I had to go and for sure he under promised and over delivered.What a great honor to sit 1:1 and learn from this wise leader and role model for me.

The SCORRE method multiplied my talent

Each week I speak to corporate leadership teams, all staff meetings, and company retreats. I am honored to speak to groups of hundreds and now with the SCORRE method feel empowered. While I thrive in going off the cuff and being in the moment with the audience, what was missing for me was the tool to prepare the memorable speech. In just 72 hours, my natural talent was honed and multiplied. Talk about an instant ROI!

The camaraderie boosted my confidence

At the conference, from the first session to the closing exercise you are not only learning the skill, but practicing it and being critiqued along the way by your coach and your peers. Hard core. The feedback and support I got not only helped me get better but confirmed that I have what it takes to go after my dream and fulfill my calling.

The content has unleashed my passion

It was such a fast learning curve that as I left my passion was ignited to take this talent to the next level. My goal in the next 5 years will be to speak to groups in the thousands. I am designing my speaker web page and already have friends willing to send me referrals and support me this journey. Thank you Leslie Parrott for your support!

Next year, I want to bring many of you with me, as I truly believe it will help any communicator get better results. If you're interested in being in my party that will get a few extra treats, let me know below and we will contact you. If you are interested in having me speak for your organization simply email me and we will get right back to you.

Let us know below your questions for upcoming ASK SHANDEL podcasts.

Your Coach For Clarity,