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Shandel Recognized as Coach of the Year!

True Life Coaching loves to spotlight the accomplishments of our clients and the companies we work with! Today we get to spotlight the accomplishment of our own Shandel Slaten – while she’s away on vacation we are writing this :) .

True Life Coach Mary Beth King speaks …

For the past year I have had the privilege of working alongside Shandel as a fellow True Life coach.

I have seen first hand the genuine caring and commitment that she has toward her clients and her colleagues. She sees each of us for what we can be, even when we don’t see it ourselves.

She passionately calls us each to step up, to grow, to make the difference in the world that we can.

Shandel has been chosen as this year’s Coach of the Year, an honor bestowed on her by her peers. It recognizes that she powerfully impacts the lives of her clients and her fellow coaches, and acknowledges her clear commitment to make the world a better place.

She intuitively walks her talk, and by her words and actions calls each of us to do the same.

- Mary Beth King

Scottsdale, Ariz. January 30, 2014 — Author and life coach, Shandel Slaten, who has worked with business professionals from entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 100 firms, has been recognized by TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) as 2014 Coach of The Year!

“This network is full of superior performers who consistently lead the way in providing excellent consulting to their clients, whether in selection, coaching, training or speaking,” TTI SI President John Hersey said. “It is truly our pleasure to recognize their achievements with these awards. That’s what makes this network extraordinary.”

Testimonial: “Our Company was going through trying times – primarily around a breakdown of trust. We brought Shandel on to facilitate re-building that trust and more so, addressing the communication styles of the partners and our employees. As emotionally painful as the process was – it became one of the two most awakening moments in my life. Our company went from ‘holding on for dear life’ to a company focused on phenomenal work and growth.” – Mark Dyce, Principal, 206inc / Seattle, WA

Words from Shandel: “What an incredible honor and I am humbled by this recognition!” stated Slaten. “I love coaching executives and professionals who want to better define and execute their purpose, strengthen their leadership skills, and hone their self-awareness. To do so, I use the TTI SI assessments. With the information I receive from them, I can then lead the executive, and their team, to reinforce principles of trust and communication that foster a more successful, productive business culture.”

Congratulations, Shandel!

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