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Leading by Following Up!

What follow-up — and follow-through — on your Big Idea have you practiced today? (You DO have a Big Idea, right? I know you do!)

Big ideas or small ones alike don’t become reality unless we develop and use the skills of Follow-Up and Follow-Through!

Why? Because Follow-Up and Follow-Through increase effectiveness, demonstrate reliability and show commitment to excellence. They are the next steps required to achieving your goals!

Follow-up and follow-through also build trust in relationships. And in the business world, trust translates into repeat business. Your long-term success depends on it!

Mastering the Skills

Just what are the skills of Follow-Up and Follow-Through?

If you have mastered skills associated with Follow-Up and Follow-Through, you:

  • Consistently and reliably communicate, reinforcing an intentional message.
  • Use written communication skills to manage relationships.
  • Recognize the importance of good customer service to building productive relationships with co-workers and clients.
  • Manage conflict when necessary to maintain relationships.
  • Practice long-term planning to establish logic-driven systems that achieve desired results.
  • Are goal-oriented.
  • Establish personal effectiveness by organizing work habits.
  • Demonstrate personal accountability for meeting goals by using self-management to maintain focus on next steps.
  • Take initiative to be flexible when appropriate, adapting actions to respond to changing circumstances.
  • Complete plans by evaluating the results.

How do you measure you so far? Next time we’ll look at developing and strengthening these crucial skills. Make sure and follow up with this blog to learn more!

Your Coach,