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Ran flying

Using Change for Maximum Performance​

What’s in a name? Well, with a unique name like Shandel – a lot!

When my dad named me, he could not have known what line of work I would spend my life doing. But it would be easy to claim that when he chose Shandel he was being prophetic!

How so? Shandel is an adapted spelling of the original word, chandelle. A chandelle is the term that describes a maximum performance maneuver in which a pilot uses momentum from a 180° turn to gain new altitude.

It was invented by the French to avoid enemy pursuit during air battles in World War I. (We do it all the time now when we take off in one direction and the destination is in the other. But in WWI it was sometimes a matter of life or death!)

Doing a chandelle means not only reversing your direction but doing it full-throttle and while climbing. Not an easy maneuver!

Change of any kind is not an easy maneuver, is it? We may resist at first the painful package change comes in. But the only way we “grow forward” is by looking pain and uncertainty straight in the face and riding them to the next level of life.

New! The Shandel Group

That’s what I get to help my clients do every day: chandelles! What a joy to live out the meaning of my name each day in my work and in fulfilling my purpose.  That’s why I’m very excited to announce my latest change!

We are launching The Shandel Group to serve the need of our corporate clients. This month True Life is celebrating our 14th year in business, and I realized that more than 70th percent of our work involves talent management.

The Shandel Group is not taking the place of True Life Coaching in any way. It simply is a subsidiary. As it is, we now spend a majority of our time coaching leaders on maximizing the effectiveness of their team, facilitated executive off sites and team development workshops, using job benchmarking assessments for hiring, onboarding and developing top A players. My days are spent coaching executives, facilitating quarterly and annual strategic meetings as well as trouble shooting conflict, communication and trust issues so the obstacles can be moved in high growth organizations. My love will always be keynote speaking and the communication workshops we do, but that is a big change from the 1:1 life coaching that True Life, Inc., was birthed out of.

So, nothing has changed, while everything has. Please join me in the soft launch of The Shandel Group! Of course your referrals are the only way we grow our business, so thank you!

Your Coach,


Change plane

5 Steps to Embrace Change For Your Next Level

Change freaks people out, doesn’t it? Even if you drive change and embrace challenges with open arms, you can feel unnerved when you are not in control of the change that’s happening. (You high “D” people know what I am talking about, don’t you!)

Never was this more vivid than the day I jumped off Tiger Mountain in tandem with an expert para glide instructor. I was having the time of my life when all of sudden he warns me, it is going to get super bumpy! Yikes! I honestly thought we were going to be shaken out of the sky!

What was happening, though, was very strategic. The instructor was guiding us through this rocky thermal patch so that we could grab the turbulent air and use it to ride higher and longer. And let me tell you, what a view! That lesson has stuck with me for years.

Steps to Embracing Change

So how do we ride the turbulence and make it work for us?

• Identify what is changing – or as William Bridges states in his Transition modelwhat is ending? We must face, name, and grieve what is ending in our life before we can begin to shift.

• Be honest with yourself about 1) what it is that you fear, 2) what is uncertain and 3) what is truly unknown. Give yourself permission to be in that place for a period of time.

• Grieve what is never going to be. Incorporate what you bring from the past into the new envisioned future. Do this even if this takes just a second because it is not that big of a deal. Do it!

• Be grateful for the change that is happening even if it comes in a turbulent package. Look for the benefits it offers and invite the positive possibilities to take root in your mind. Gratitude for what was and for what is can breed for a very healthy model.

• Grow your change muscle. Know that as soon as you embrace this change, another will come your way. It is the process of growth and it will never end as long as you are growing and evolving as an individual and company.

If you’re a leader, look at Bridges’s “4 P model” to help get your team onboard. I think it works for personal change as well.

• Purpose: Explain why the change has to happen.

• Picture: Share your vision of how it will look and feel.

• Plan: Create and lay out a detailed, step-by-step plan so people know what to expect.

• Part: Give people a part to play in the transition and begin the new change.

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Your Coach,


sailing (2)

Consistently Building Your Dream

Consistently exercising your biceps will build up your arm muscles, right?

Consistently encouraging your team or staff will foster a positive work atmosphere. Consistently delivering on promises will seal your reputation of reliability and honesty.

You see how powerful consistency is?

So how do you build your consistency muscle?

Goal-based Practices

Here are some actions to take that foster a strong, agile and productive consistency in your professional life.

• Establish actions and habits that are aligned with your goals and practice them regularly.

• Set a standard of excellence in each regular activity and stick to it.

• Communicate with others based on what you want to accomplish, not on temporary circumstances.

• Understand that random changes on your part could cause confusion or extra work for others.

• Hold yourself for doing what you say you will do. When you haven’t done what you promised, be honest about it and make a new commitment that you can keep.

• When possible, establish a pattern or checklist for accomplishing repetitive tasks. Using it will help you achieve reliable, predictable results.

Steps to Growing Consistency

First, ask yourself, what are the things you need to do on a consistent basis to accomplish your goals?

Then, determine which things you are not doing regularly and prioritize them. Decide which ones consistencyyou are willing to commit to doing on a regular basis. Identify any obstacles that may have impeded you in the past and make a plan to overcome them. Ask for help or advice from someone who has mastered consistency, especially someone who performs a similar role to your own.

Make a daily checklist. At the end of the week, review your progress.

Next, identify your top three accountabilities. What actions are required to achieve them?

Identify a step-by-step process that leads you through the actions that must be performed for each of these accountabilities. Establish standardized procedures that are best practices for achieving results. Discuss your ideas with someone you respect and ask for feedback.

Keep a daily progress report on how well you follow the standardized procedures (reporting makes us accountable). Review your daily reports on a regular basis.

Make Your Dream Come True

I don’t believe that “consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative,” as Oscar Wilde famously said. I believe it’s a powerful tool for creative people like you.

Use it to make your dream come true, step by step!

Your Coach,


F.O.C.U.S. On What Matters. Clarity #2

One of the greatest things we can do in life is to set our eyes and focus on what matters most.  There is a lot of content that we will be drilling down on this week to discover what it means to get clear. As we center on things that truly matter, we become more impactful, beyond what just seem efficient and practical.

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I just got back from my morning workout where the trainer had us balance on one foot and do some kind of bicep exercise.  My left ankle is weak and so I was getting really frustrated that I could not stop wobbling about.  It only got worse as I got mad at myself for not getting my ankle fixed, then blamed the teacher for such a long drawn out exercise, and finally was distracted by all the other wobbly people in front of me.  Then seriously, I remembered this week’s theme.

FOCUS!  Oh yes!  With that kick in the behind, I stopped the negative chatter in my brain, found a spot on the floor and focused on it intently.  BINGO – I was as steady as a rock!  I was able to complete the exercise with perfection and as we moved on to the other leg, I found a spot right in front of me and YEP the strategy worked perfectly.  It wasn’t until I focused on one thing and changed my inner dialogue that I was able to be strong and steady.

FOCUS allowed me to actually work on the problem and start strengthening that weak part instead of blaming others and blasting myself.

What are the areas that distract you and keep you from focusing on what truly matters to you?

We are only on week #2, so if you don’t have the book yet you can order it from us or get in on Amazon – I love it on Kindle.  Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for even more useful information on this week’s subject!

Your Coach,

It's Simple – It's Just Not Easy! Clarity #4

“Sometimes the questions are the complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

If there is one word that keeps coming up in so many of conversations it is the word “Simplify.” During our Week thespyexpert.com #2 challenge, we drilled down on simplifying our environment and this week we are invited to simplify our complicated lives by living by our values.

As I was preparing to launch into this week’s Clarity challenge, I got a phone call from a dear friend and a fellow entrepreneur who inspired me to shout it loud – KNOW YOUR VALUES = SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.

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Business Coaching Brings Success to Local Business

Tonight at 11pm, local TV station, KOLO 8 featured True Life Coaching with an inspiring online headline Business Coaching Brings Success to Local Company. Bringing on two new coaches this month and launching Clarity: Focusing on What Matters gives me plenty to talk about these days!

After interviewing me, they wanted to interview a TLC client so I suggested one of my favorite Reno peeps, Mike Bosma. You will find that The Bosma Group culture is one to be proud of and the proof speaks in that they have been a Greater Reno-Tahoe Best Places to Work finalist for the last 3 years. They are dedicated to happy profitable customers and serving their local community with excellence. They have grown so fast that they need to move and next week open up the Bosma Business Center!

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Using LinkedIn For Your Career Transition

My worlds collide!

On Monday I was scrolling through my twitter updates and saw that @prolango was coming to Reno to do his popular career workshop. WHAT?  My friend from Seattle, Paul Anderson is coming to Reno?  I was shocked as I had wanted to send a family member to his seminar for years and now it was coming here?   Was it open to the public, what's the deal, I had to figure out what was up.

With both our crazy schedules,  we finally were able to connect at 9:30 PM.  I started asking him a bunch of questions as my desire was to help promote the event and get the important message out,  but his answers were so brilliant I knew I had to record this chat so anyone interested could hear why they absolutely must grab the rare opportunity and attend. Continue reading

Accountability : Love It or Hate It, We All Need it

Recently, I partnered with leadership guru Dr. Bret Simmons to coach a non-profit executive team in Reno, Nevada. Working with smart execs we were able to drill down in less than one hour to the core source of the team's barrier to growth. It was a core concept that I've witnessed and lived time and time again – accountability!

My first memory of being accountable is at age 10 in my purple bedroom with my mom as my manager. She sweetly offered to help me clean my room, closet, drawers, everything to make it perfect. Then she said, “Shandel, this is how I want your room to look everyday before you go to school. If it is not, you will be given a verbal warning. Then you will be grounded for ten minutes, then thirty minutes, and it will double every time you forget.”

It was easy to do for the first week because it was manageable. I was successful until midway thru the second week.

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The Summer of Clarity – Accountability, Leadership, and YOU!

Accountability is a hot topic right now amongst my colleagues and clients.  Leaders are sometimes the worst at being accountable to their personal and professional growth.  Think about it.  When was the last time you were so honest with yourself that you had that urgent feeling to make a real change?

How long did it last? Continue reading