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TRUST: Who’s Got ‘cher six?

Yesterday, I was with an executive team facilitating their annual strategic plan. It was thrilling to see the progress we made in 2013 by working together as a team who communicated and trusted. This piece of art was directly across from me and I confess quite a few moments were spent trying to understand the artist’s meaning and intention. I welcome you to give me yours in the comments below. However, in the spirit of team building, I humored myself with “WHO HAS YOUR SIX?” since there is no 6 in the painting.

My dad is an avid aviation fan and “got your six” is a term they use to speak of, “I’ve got your back”. When I am working with teams on the concept of trust and ask them to define trust, somehow “who has got my back” always comes out. It is part of working as a team; no matter how much that person drives you crazy, you have their back – you’ve got their six.

Today, challenge yourself to go beyond your current “feelings” and see whose back you can cover. Then ask yourself, “Who is doing that for me? Who has my back? Who do I trust to have my ‘six’?” Then reach out to them and thank them for being a trustworthy person in your life. Next, look for other people in your life that you have broken trust with and see what you can do to begin to repair that relationship and let the change begin with you.

Your Coach,