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Pushing Your Limits

What do you think of when you hear someone (like me!) say, “You need to push your limits”?

Envision yourself standing on a high peak of the Rocky Mountains watching a storm rage below. An eagle soars up through the thunderheads, and arcs toward the sun. The rainwater on his wings glistens like diamonds. Had it not been for the storm, the mighty raptor might have remained in the valley, and you wouldn’t have caught a glimpse of its beauty.

Pushing through storms gives people the opportunity to grow in character, expand their sphere of influence, and live on higher ground. It strengthens our self-confidence and encourages us to keep reaching for more.

Being a coach, I push people every day to challenge their self-imposed limits and to go for the stretch goal. Faulty belief systems are the main thing that limits people in pursuing their personal greatness.

But the limits I see people breaking aren’t the right ones. They are overloaded, and living on caffeine, adrenaline and mediocre success and yet they keep striving! Forgoing sleep, answering emails 24/7, working 60 hours a week, saying yes to every request, climbing the invisible ladder of success, justifying their adrenaline addiction. And then because they are overstretched, calm themselves by eating, drinking, spending, or self-medicating.

We have confused which limits to break through and which ones to honor and create space for. What suffers is our true fulfillment and satisfaction with the things we do have, value, and desire in life. In fact, living a life of purpose, vision, and legacy is about moving beyond your own limits and comfort zone to something greater than you.

I invite you to decide where you need to set new limits for yourself to live intentionally by your values and to generate creative space for true living to occur.

Your Coach,



6 Fears That Lead You to Rationalize Your Behavior- Clarity #33

The evolution of a leader includes an ever-increasing emotional intelligence, starting with self-awareness. If you lack self-awareness, you are unable to see when you step out of integrity. In other words, you are unable to see how your words, thoughts, and actions are not in alignment. This dissonance forces an auto response to spin the story — leading to compromised truth, ending with a skewed reality.

Conversely, if you’re a leader with high self-awareness, you are able to quickly discern when and where you are out of alignment with truth. You quickly see your error, admit fault, and take personal accountability. You take action to repair the crack in the relationships due to lack of judgment, and with your words and action, you own the issue at hand. The humility of the self-aware leader leaves plenty of room to learn from mistakes, be curious to what you do not yet know, and be open to feedback as a way to learn and grow.

Most people don’t intentionally rationalize. It comes from being scared, to be blunt. If you have taken the Talent Insight Report, you know that there are four fears that people struggle with and will do most anything to avoid.

  • Fear of Being Taken Advantage Of
  • Fear of Social Rejection
  • Fear of Loss of Security
  • Fear of Making Mistakes

Or how about the two fears of the successful entrepreneur:

  • Will I be found out?
  • Do I have what it takes?

Fear gets in the way of truth, and thus we must rationalize or falsify something in order to psychologically survive and bring a sense of order and control.

What do you think? What are other fears that cause leaders to rationalize?

Your Coach,


Are You Grateful For Your Freedom This Weekend?

I love Memorial Day weekend for a few reasons. The first one is a sort of “Summer is here” marker with the caveat to keep your coat nearby in case it snows.  Next is our family tradition to launch the boat at Bucks Lake and begin our weekend “floating” routine. Then there is the first hike of the season so all-in-all it is a relaxing fun weekend.

More than all the personal enjoyment of this weekend, I truly am grateful for my country and my freedom that we remember today. On my drive this afternoon I stopped by this cemetery as the flag caught my eye and I remembered. I remember the many wars that have been fought. I remember the many lives bravely sacrificed. I remember the principles my country was founded upon and I remember that my freedom is not cheap.

Thank you for my freedom!

For all you brave men and women who fought for my freedom…THANK YOU! For all my ancestors and countrymen of ‘ole – thank you. To my God who paid the ultimate price for my freedom – Thank you. For my own dad and step-dad who gave their time to serve in the military and risked their lives.

I hope all of you enjoy this weekend and your freedom as much as I intend on doing.

I would love to hear below…What freedom are you grateful for?


Your Coach,