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Musings and intentions: My personal half-time

Tomorrow is my 45th birthday and what I call “half-time.” I have a vision of being strong, healthy, purposeful and fun until I hit 90 years old. Therefore, I am half done with my life and proud of it. Being that I celebrate birthday week, I consider this week the half-time show and then will enter into a brand new season of life. The second half, the better half, the defining half.

During birthday month, I’ve had several occasions to check the box to identify my age and without fail, 45 is the beginning of a new age bracket. As I continued to indulge my narcissism, I considered the 15 year spans I have already lived and the result of my growth and then contemplated what will this next one be for me?

  • 0 – 14 = Physical Growth manifesting itself in my personality
  • 15 – 29 = Emotional Growth manifesting itself in my character
  • 30 – 44 = Spiritual Growth manifesting itself in my wisdom
  • 45 – 59 = Impact Growth is what I hope this next 15 brings

Being a big Seahawks fan, I love that we are a 2nd half team. I mean, really—isn’t a great team truly great when they show up better and stronger in the 2nd half ready to finish well and win the prize? Well, that is my intention: To finish my race, to fulfill my purpose, to finish well.

To do so

I intend to impact my sphere of influence like never before. I intend to invest in the next generation. I intend to increase in my wisdom and coach more thought leaders in purpose-driven living, leadership, and business. I intend on leading people to discover what they were created to be and how to be on mission to fulfill it. I intend on being more generous, more compassionate, more courageous and more fun. I intend on seeing God’s face light up with delight when I see him face to face. I intend to live with clarity and only focus on what matters.  I intend to finish well.

Therefore I will

Be fearless. Be confident. Be courageous. Be vulnerable. Be present. Be me.

What I need

A tribe of people who want the same thing. A group of people who, as my dad would say, are “In pursuit of excellence.” A team of eagles who want to be brilliant and strong and amazing along with me for a greater cause than anyone of us can be individually. A friend or two to be just as dedicated to their race as I am. A few good men and women who want to finish well no matter what season of life they are in!

Alas, I am taking today, March 19th, off to celebrate the first half victories, get in my own face about mistakes that must not to be repeated, high five my family and friends who love me and to get fired up for what is sure to be the winning second half.

It’s half time people – let’s do this!

Your Coach,




Being Judgmental is Hazardous

We’ve been talking about the whats and whys of being judgmental. Today, we want to share a few of the hazards that I have seen in myself as well as those I coach. See if you recognize any of them!  I am confident you can avoid these hazards and become a positive curious individual who will overcome your critical spirit.

7 Hazards of Being Judgmental / Critical
•    Kills your curiosity
•    Drains your energy and motivation
•    Suffocates your creativity
•    Robs your joy
•    Increases depression
•    Strains key relationships
•    Limits your growth potential

Through our entire judgmental series, I have talked about being open-minded and curious that you may not be right. Now am I saying not to have strong convictions? Absolutely not. Never compromise your beliefs. Stand firm in what you believe. What makes you such an amazing person is your convictions and beliefs. I ask my clients to never compromise their values and to increase in their confidence — but to make sure it is a humble confidence where curiosity allows for openness.

A better path is to be open and curious, first to the relationship that is before you, next to the fact that you may not have the entire story, and finally that the openness will lead you be a stronger, not weaker, individual. You are free to explore where the other person is coming from, without being threatened by it. If in the end there is truth in the other person’s position and it changes you, then you are the better for it!

Let me know if you want to get stronger in this area! I deal with this all the time!

Your Coach,


Creating the Life You Desire

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day” … “If only there were two of me” … Have you ever stopped to think how many people would it actually take to live your life? In the case of True Life Coach, Mary Beth King’s clients, the answer was three – THREE people to do all that there was to be done. Can you relate? Continue reading

Joy and criticism cannot co-exist. Do you have enough joy? Clarity #6

Photo courtesy of Ran Slaten

Joy and criticism cannot co-exist. I remember the day those convicting 5 words hit me hard and caused a huge shift.  Think about it.  Can you have that peaceful wonderful joy while you are being judgmental and critical of others?

Is your leadership style marked by joy or judgment?

Yesterday, I coached an incredibly talented leader who was super frustrated with folks above him and below him. He had every right to be and yet I sensed a critical spirit that had to be addressed first. Confronting his judgments, we started to dig into truth, I sensed he was checking out. Continue reading

The Value of Values. What are your top 5?

Family is one of my values

For the next two weeks we are hitting values hard! Why?

Because if you don't know your top 5 values you will float around like a jellyfish making poor decisions.  Often, I find that when we are living a complicated, adrenaline based, non-stop life, we wake up one day finding no joy, little fun, and lost purpose.

It is imperative that you get back in line with your values. Continue reading

Leadership and unmet needs – they could be taking you off course.

Last week, I was meeting with a client who was desperately trying to find himself in the midst of impressive business growth.  As we dug deep into what he believed was his values, we found half of his seeming “values” were actually unmet needs.  No wonder he was terribly crazy successful yet felt lost and wondering.

What happens when you do not honor your values?  Then you are ruled by needs, stress, addictions, past regrets and the shoulds” in life. Continue reading