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The Top 10 Tips on How To Have a Positive Attitude

Sometimes we let our attitudes control everything in our lives.  Here are some great reminders of how to positively affect your life by simply changing the way you think!

The Top 10 Tips on How To Have a Positive Attitude

1. Take ownership of your attitude.

We control our attitude. It is not something that is genetically or environmentally determined. Each of us can decide what our attitude is going to be. We can choose to have a positive attitude about life. A ready smile is a gift to all those around you.

2. Take action to eliminate what bothers you.

You may be putting up with more things than you have realized. Think about what you are tolerating. You may be tolerating things, or ways that someone speaks to you, that you don’t like. Just paying attention to what you are tolerating will be the first step towards eliminating it. Tolerations infect your attitude.

3. Live in the present.

Let go of living in the past or in the future and enjoy the present.

4. Let go of things that don’t matter.

Stop wasting energy on being irritated and annoyed at things that really don’t matter.

5. Be non-judgmental.

Let go of being critical of others. Try instead to listen and understand. As you open yourself up to not judging others you will be able to accept yourself and others more.

6. Listen to yourself and trust what you hear.

Let go of other people’s voices that you carry in your head. Instead, listen to yourself and take responsibility for what you can and want to do.

7. Live your values.

By living your life according to your values you will develop an attitude of true acceptance of yourself. You will realize that you are fine the way you are. You may choose to make some changes in your life simply because you realize that you have greater potential than you have utilized so far.

8. Have fun and enjoy humor.

Take delight in life and create fun experiences for yourself. Don’t make life be too heavy.

9. Invest energy in the people who you love and care about.

Meaningful relationships are developed and sustained by positive attitudes and commitment.

10. Develop an attitude of love.

By developing a loving attitude towards yourself you will in turn interact with others from a basis of love.

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About the Submitter
This piece was originally submitted by Kristina von Rosenvinge