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MVP Award – Jason Richards, President of Project Bionic

I love celebrating winners and Jason Richards is a man worth celebrating! Since 2007, I have watched him excel in all areas of his life. He is never satisfied with his personal growth, always pushing for more and I love it. In 2011, Jason was ready for his next challenge and accepted the position of President of Project Bionic. He is a leader of leaders and will continue to impress the world with his drive, values, and heart. He has a high ROI motivator and insist of integrity through getting results via people, systems and processes. I both admire and adore this man. You’ll enjoy him too.

Here’s Jason’s Story….

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shandel and the True Life Coaching team for nearly five years with two separate organizations. Within that time, the personal and professional development that I’ve been able to achieve as a direct result of True Life Coaching has been nothing shy of extraordinary. Shandel’s coaching and the True Life Workshops have provided me tremendous insight into developing company culture, building effective teams, and fulfilling my life with personal vision and clarity.

Company Culture

One of the greatest hurdles for an organization to be successful is its culture. Culture is what unifies an organization around one vision and the rules by which the vision will be achieved. It removes unproductive subjectivity and allows for better, faster, and more rational decision making. Without a rock solid culture comprised of a vision, mission, and core values, a company’s ability to be efficiently and effectively productive is much more difficult.

Having helped define the culture of two organization that I’ve been a part and then providing the tools to lead to the vision by way of the core values, it is because of my experiences and coaching with Shandel that I now truly understand the power of a strong company culture.

Building Teams

One of the greatest strengths of a true leader is the ability to build teams. This is as true for business as it is for any facet of life where leadership is involved. And in the five years I’ve been a client of True Life Coaching, I’ve learned that it is much more difficult than rotating picks when selecting your kickball squad.

Building teams is about breaking down the barriers of trust and communication that prevent a group of individuals from achieving collective success. It is recognizing and optimizing the skills of the individual to most effectively contribute to the priorities of the team. It is ensuring there is an alignment of objectives and then allowing team members to self-declare accountability of the action items necessary to achieve those objectives. It is the leader’s responsibility in all of this to humbly serve your team of A-players by clearing the path so they can attain victory …even if it is to win a kickball game.

Personal Vision

One of the greatest takeaways I’ve gotten from my time with Shandel has been creating a life of clarity and vision. It has allowed for me to have alignment in my thoughts, words and actions in order to live purposefully and with integrity. I am able to more easily define what’s important, reframe the things that aren’t, and celebrate more emphatically the wins in life. Shandel has provided me with the skills to achieve greater clarity of myself as an individual which has led to stronger, more productive relationships with my family and others around me.


I frequently tell people that the time I’ve put into working with the True Life Coaching team has given me the greatest return on investment. It has helped me prioritize what’s really important, freeing up much needed bandwidth to focus on the next level of success, both professionally and personally. I often find that many people have misconception about life and business coaching. True Life is not about looking into the past and figuring out why you are who you are from some early childhood tragedies. This is about future growth; it’s about defining strategies that get results. It is learning how to truly live a life with purpose and maximizing your potential to get to the next level. There is no greater return than being able to create success for yourself and, more importantly, those around you.

- Jason Richards

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