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What is the first sign that trust is eroding? 7 tips to help! Clarity #10

Why do thriving businesses, organizations and families fall a part? Let's break it down step by step.

Business is all about relationships. Think about it. Relationships with your customers, vendors, shareholders, employees, media, and when the relationships dissolves so does the business.

Relationships break down because trust begins to be questioned, silently eroding, and then eventually breaks completely. Continue reading

All Is Well That Ends Well

Tuesday night, during a super fun Entrepreneurs' Organization event, I lost my phone.  It was maddening because there were only a few places it could be and alas it was gone!  Probably stolen, but nevertheless gone.  I was scheduled for a vacation day the next day so I shared the news via facebook and my out of office and went unplugged for the day.  Maddening! Continue reading