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Why Women Struggle with Confidence and Courage

Women leaders have unique skills and abilities that allow them to drive results, lead high performing teams and find meaning in their work. Yet they often feel isolated with the juggling of their conflicting priorities. The pressure can often take a toll on one’s confidence and courage. That is why we want to inspire them to be FEARLESS! Women you have what it takes! You can find your passion, live with purpose and use your superpower to leave an impact on the next generation.

Slide11My passion is to equip leaders to get to their next level. For the last 6 years, I have invested my give-back energy into the LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit. LEXI’s mission is to connect, equip and mentor women in their professional, personal and community endeavors.

May 2nd was the 6th annual LEXI summit in Seattle and we are having our next live summit in Reno on October 24, 2014.  HOWEVER – DRUM ROLL – we are doing a pre-event on May 23rd in Reno and all women are invited to attend. Here is the Facebook event page – please come.

Below is a recap from LEXI speaker, co-producer, and personal branding diva, Debra Trappen, as it was originally published on the d11 blog here.

Here’s Debra…

2014-05-02 08.29.21-1

Friday, May 2nd, I participated in, and co-produced, a women’s leadership summit called LEXI.  LEXI stands for Leaders Engaged in the eXchange of Ideas.

I am often asked “What do you talk about and hear at those women’s events?”.  This question always makes me smile and reflect on all of the fantastic moments experienced over the years.  #LEXI14 was no exception… there were ooooodles of amazing tips, trick, and truths shared throughout the day, by passionate, powerful, fearlessly vulnerable women in leadership.  So, I thought I would put together a recap blog post to share some of my favorite shares/quotes of the day, from each LEXI woman – and maybe dispel a myth or two along the way.

2014-05-02 08.49.04-1The morning was kicked off by the summit’s founder and President of True Life Coaching, Shandel Slaten.  Her keynote talk was entitled: The Quest for Valor

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • “85% of what we worry about will never actually happen!”
  • “What risk would you take today if you were fearless?”
  • “Being fearless is not the absence of fear, it’s being brave in spite of it!”
  • “Being vulnerable is not a weakness, it’s a strength.”

Erica Coogan (with Moss Adams) shared her talk titled: Be A Fearless Superhero

A few quotes from her session:

  • “Don’t forget to give YOURSELF grace and latitude.”
  • “Own your fear and use it as ammunition to drive yourself forward.”
  • “When women band together – we move mountains.”

If you EMBRACE your authentic self…. YouMy talk was next… “Fire Up Your Personal Brand… with a sprinkle of FEARLESSNESS.”

A few fun takeaways :

  • “A key to being FEARLESS is knowing yourself. Be sure to define your purpose, passions & values.”
  • “Stop asking people what they do for a living. Start asking what they do for fun, and really connect.”
  • (and my personal favorite) - “If you embrace your authentic self, you have no competition.”

2014-05-02 11.25.38

Anne Marie Faiola (founder of Brambleberry) shared her story during her session entitled: Fortune Favors the Brave

  • “Never let your fear decide your fate.”
  • “Whatever transition you’re hoping to make, you need to communicate it to others.” 

..she also shared a super cute visual on OPTIMISM–>

2014-05-02 11.54.56-2

Mary Beth King‘s (of True Life Coaching) talk title: Create the Life You Want to Live
She took us through a fantastic visualization related to our “LIFE WHEEL”… and creating S.M.A.R.T. goals!  Top tidbits:

  • “What steps do you need to take today, this week, and this year to meet your life goals?”
  • “What would it feel like if you had 10′s inside your wheel?”
  • “Success is more likely to happen when we TELL SOMEONE ELSE to help keep us accountable.”

Kim Crumpler Peterson (owner of Uniquely Savvy) knocked it out of the park with an amazing, raw personal testimonial entitled: From Fear to Freedom: Challenging the Lies, Championing the Truth

  • “If you shrink back and play small, you rob your team of your unique contributions! Lead with your strengths.”
  • “You were born with a purpose! You are savvy. You are unique. You are worthy.”
  • “We have an ongoing story in our minds. A lot of it is not true. What lies are you believing? Challenge those lies.”


Theresa Fette (CEO of Provident Trust Group) was up next with her talk:
“I Am Fearless Because I Have Been Afraid”

  • “To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it will look like destruction.”
  • “Spend far less time worrying about others’ expectations of you.”
  • “Consider and embrace the worst case scenario.”


Living Takes Learning: Becoming a True Life Long Learner was the final talk of the day from the magnificent Jeanette K. Winters (Corporate Talent Management Executive)!

  • “How do you achieve success? Go with your gut — it’s attached to your brain!” 
  • “Our brains are wired to produce negative messages… we have to LEARN to fight them.”
  • “NO is a complete sentence.” :)

My mantra from the day was simple.  Feel free to read it out loud and declare it for yourself too:

“I will tap into my personal bravery to become the woman/man of valor I am meant to be!”



(Oh, and you truly are vulnerable if you tell a room of 150 women you are wearing SPANX… from the stage!)

Creating the Life You Desire

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