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Leader is NOT a Title – It’s a Calling. #LEXI14

Leadership is a discipline, an art, a privilege. “Leader” is not a title, it’s a calling. We all lead, like it or not. Leadership is about influence and each of us have the opportunity for huge influence. My life’s purpose is to help others find their purpose. Those words hold great meaning to me and I get to fulfill my purpose every day of my life in some form or another. Specifically, I have a heart for leaders who want to powerfully lead their lives in such a way that the next generation will want to follow in their footsteps as the leader leaves a legacy.


At both TLC and the Chandelle Group, I get to do this every day at work. My job is to support leaders unnamedin finding their purpose first, then their team, and ultimately their organization, to achieve the next level of success. It is fascinating working with organizations that have this kind of vision because they are more profitable than those who do not.


My desire for each person I meet is that they will find peace and live with purpose. The most fulfilling right now is investing in my nieces and nephews – talking to them about their greatness and, most importantly, modeling for them what living with purpose looks like. The girls on command are ready to proclaim at all times … “Slaten Girls Are Fearless!”  Just walk up to them and say … “Slaten girls are…”. They will fiercely answer back “FEARLESS.”


The LEXI Leadership Summit is a non-profit I started in 2008 to connect, equip and mentor women. I want women to have the confidence and courage to see themselves as leaders, to grow in their role as a leader, and to live a purposeful life as they impact others in their sphere of influence to do the same. Women do not invest in themselves and thus we created the LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit so women could come together, spend a day investing in their professional and personal development, and leave with an action plan, with the first step already in motion.

What women tell me they need:

  • Connect with other leaders and like-minded women. All of us have a myriad of roles and frankly too much to do. As a result, we isolate. We do not pick our head up long enough to realize we haven’t breathed, let alone connected in who knows how long.
  • Get equipped with practical tools, skills and insights. We don’t have time for untested ideas and ideologies. We need easily digested challenges that push us but can quickly be implemented to help get where we want to go.
  • Mentor and be mentored. We need the example, inspiration and lessons learned from women who have been where we want to go or fellow sojourners on our life’s path. We don’t need “one mentor” — we need a few to call upon and help us to our next level.

PrintThe next LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit  is October 24th in Reno, NV and it is not too late to book your flight down and join us. The theme is PURPOSE: Find It, Own It, Live It.  We have a video that describes what Lexi is and I’ve included one that displays my passion. Please forward this to any women who you know in the Reno / Lake Tahoe area, and here is my email blog subscriber promo code for $50 off (promo code: s2blog50)

If you are a woman, invest in yourself. If you are a man, there are women who need you to say, “take the day to invest in yourself – it’s on me. Enjoy!”

Thank you for helping me spread the word on LEXI and more importantly I hope you will go and live your purpose with passion today!

Your Coach,


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Vulnerability and The Receiving of Help

One thing I wish I would have discovered earlier in life is that fullness of life requires greater and greater amounts of vulnerability. In my journey, I have learned that my vulnerability has a lot to do with receiving from others. I am a giver by nature and I hope to always be a generous giving person. However, what I have discovered is that giving is the easy thing to do, it is safe, and it does not expose me. Receiving, on the other hand, is something I am learning to do. I have to admit it still isn’t easy, because it makes me feel well…vulnerable.

Vulnerable to someone feeling I am taking advantage of them. Vulnerable to the guilt of asking too much. Vulnerable to taking too much and being seen as selfish. It is all ridiculous and truly it is prideful and disgusting. I think it is a deep seeded fear of rejection and I am sure a host of other fears. The lie I operate from is “I can do it all,” I want to be independent <and not need others. Yet I crave and need the connection that only comes from a community of give and take relationships.

The truth is we need others and it is a giving thing to do to let others help and support us. This allows them to be the giver and they have the opportunity to feel awesome because they helped the giver. Its all so twisted. AND YET as I encourage all of you – I am getting faster to asking for help and for accepting the amazing gifts and talents of those around me.

IMG_5611Today was a victorious day of receiving from so many talented people. I had fun. I worked hard, got stuff done, and enjoyed being me. Why? Because other people invested in me. They helped me. They gave their time and their talent to me and I received it.

Lisa helped me this morning with LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit with her passion and great marketing talent.IMG_5608

Julie is a serious hair master and went the extra mile so the LEXI promo video would be awesome.

Wendy used her 20 years of industry talent and coached me as we shot the video. She made me relax and when I started being corporate – said, “Hey, where did Shandel go?”

Mike generously provided us space to shoot and took us on a tour to find perfect setting.

Jessi after shooting the LEXI video, did one for my new company the Shandel Group.

Loretta jumped in when it looked like a vendor wasn’t going to show up.


Tonight, Kristine will watch “Once Upon A Time” with me and manage the remote so I can multitask.

At the end of the day, my nieces will Facetime and make me smile. I will receive their love and IMG_4872affection with arms wide open.

I am full and I am happy because I humbled myself, I opened myself, and I cared enough about myself to receive the help I needed today. If only, I was more evolved that this was easy…simple, yes, but not easy. You will see me be more vulnerable and ask for more help. But for today, I was satisfied, grateful, and blessed.

Who do you need to ask to help you today?

Your Coach,



5 Keys For Women to Succeed as Leaders

Can women truly achieve work/life balance? If that question brings you feelings of guilt, shame off you! According to LEXI keynote speaker Rebecca Pomering, day-to-day work/life balance is a myth. Instead, we should strive for work/life “WOBBLE.”

This is only one of the many jewels of wisdom Rebecca Pomering, CEO of Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, shared at LEXI 2013 in Seattle. Continue reading

Get Your Mojo Back

Reconnecting with Your Authentic Essence From the Inside-Out


Have you ever gotten so caught up in life – climbing the corporate ladder, runnin’ as parent on the go, or following all the trends in fashion magazines that you find yourself disconnected from the essence of who you are? Perhaps you find that life’s unexpected challenges have you out of touch with your true self – living on auto pilot and out of touch. Maybe you’ve been striving to be something that you thought you were supposed to be and now that you’re not working, you’ve lost confidence in who you are and what you’re really about?

If you’ve ever said, “I just don’t know who I am anymore” or “I don’t even feel comfortable or confident in my own skin” you may have lost your MOJO!

Kim Crumpler believes that your MOJO, your magic or secret sauce, is largely reflective of your authentic confidence based on your true essence and is enhanced by aligning your personal truths with your personal statement of style …But, how can you develop this when your authentic self is disconnected somewhere deep inside? Continue reading

5 Keys For Women to Succeed as Leaders

Can women truly achieve work/life balance? If that question brings you feelings of guilt, shame off you! According to LEXI keynote speaker Rebecca Pomering, day-to-day work/life balance is a myth. Instead, we should strive for work/life “WOBBLE.”

This is only one of the many jewels of wisdom Rebecca Pomering, CEO of Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, shared at LEXI 2013 in Seattle. Continue reading

Why I'm at #TED2013? I want to introduce him to his girlfriend #LEXI13

Bono’s Tuesday’s Ted Talk

Hello from California where I am attending TED 2013. I am surrounded by fascinating people who want to make a difference in their sphere of influence from over 70 countries around the world. “Why do you come each year to TED Active?” I asked my new friend DAN, a CEO from Silicon Valley?  Without skipping a beat he said, “Every year I leave a better leader.”

Why am I here? 

The Top Five Reasons I am at TED

#5  I want to host a TEDx and have a huge entrepreneurial vision for its success.

#4  A bucket list completion

#3  Meet fascinating and engaged people with big vision and purpose

#2  Its sunny in Palm Springs with flowers everywhere

#1 REASON is LEXI … TED‘s new girlfriend

LEXI stands for Leaders Engage to eXchange Ideas.  

LEXI is the Women’s Leadership Summit I have conducted for 4 years and this year it is March 23rd at Starbucks HQ in SODO. This year we are going to a TED style in that we will have a variety of learning opportunities. Including 2 keynotes, 3 fifteen minute talks, 5 speakers for 5 minutes and then small group lunch with one of the speakers leading the conversation. 

Each woman will take the TTI Emotional Quotient and after lunch I will be using the data to help women take their leadership to the next level. Check out Lexileadership.com for the top 5 take aways.

WHY LEXI IS FOR YOU: Continue reading

Why Should You Attend the 3rd Annual Women's Leadership Summit – Podcast.

The poet Matthew Arnold made a prediction in the 1800s:

“If ever the world sees a time when women will come together purely for the good of humanity, it will be a power as the world has never seen.

In this edition of the Ask Shandel podcast, we discuss the 3rd annual Women’s Leadership Summit. In 2010, I could see the need for women to come together and learn, encourage and mentor each other. That is when the Women’s Leadership Summit was birthed and on May 19th we are doing it again with an incredible line-up of women speaking as well as the real value… the women attending in the room.

This is an incredible opportunity for women corporate leaders and women entrepreneurs to gather together to develop in both the professional and personal arenas. Continue reading

Why Follow Up and Accountability Matters

Slide from #2011wls on April 2nd Summit

Tonight, I am hosting a follow up call from the 2011 Women's Leadership Summit.  On April 2nd, over 100 women gathered to learn about leadership, emotional intelligence and intentional living.  One month later we gather via a conference call to talk about the progress we have made, insights we have gathered, and lessons learned.

I am passionate about follow up and accountability. Why you may ask? Because so many people invest an entire day on their professional development but do not apply the learning past the next day or next week without a support around them. Change doesn't happen in a day and it doesn't happens without practice and discipline.

If you change your beliefs about a subject, you can change your thinking and if you change your thinking, you can change your behaviors.  Results and change take root when our daily behaviors are our new habits.  The problem is that this change is hard without proper coaching, support, and accountability by others who care about you.   Care about you enough to tell you the truth that is! Continue reading