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The Cost of Living Your Passion

I just got confirmation that tomorrow we are streaming our 4th Annual LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit live online.

LEXI stands for Leaders Engage to eXchange Ideas. Our mission is to connect, equip and mentor women in both their professional and personal lives. We have 12 speakers and over 100 women leaders ready to exchange ideas and grow to their next level. The fact that we sold out and able to offer the live stream is amazing to me mainly because of all the obstacles we encountered along the way.

The Cost of Passion

I woke up inspired to share with you about passion and the cost of living a life with purpose. Everyone wants to know their purpose. This becomes more and more clear to me everyday as I work with leaders across the United States. In the last 10 days, I worked with 4 EO chapters. The common theme when you get down to the vulnerable space is purpose, legacy, and passion. What if you don’t know it? What does it take to find it? What does one do to define it?

What I want to discuss is the price tag to live it.

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International Women's Day is today – LEXI Celebrates 3/23

“Women land 53% of entry-level jobs and make it to “the belly of the pipeline” in large numbers, McKinsey found. But then, female presence falls off a cliff, to 35% at the director level, 24% among senior vice presidents and 19% in the C-suite.” – Courtesy of Moss Adams

It is International Women’s Day and I had the honor of interviewing my friend, Judi Butterworth, who participated in that first march on Fifth Avenue. Together we invite women to celebrate Women’s History Month on March 23rd. One of my passionate causes is women’s leadership. How can women be feminine, strong, purpose-driven, genuine, and wonderfully female in their career of choice? I want women to be able to have great purpose in being a stay-at-home mom as well as great purpose in balancing her family, herself, and her professional life. To have women living their purpose in their specific sphere of influence and, if you will, her calling! That is why LEXI exists.


The 4th Annual LEXI Women’s Leadership Summit is on March 23rd at the Starbucks Corporate Office in downtown Seattle. Our mission is to connect, equip, and mentor women. All women lead in some way in their lives every day; LEXI connects these women, equipping them to examine, engage, and elevate their lives. Here is a great article to learn more.

What is LEXI?

Leaders Engage to eXchange Ideas. The event is not just about the 13 amazing speakers—but it is also about the collective wisdom and insight of the women in the room. This year we have two keynote speakers:

Erica Coogan, a partner at Moss Adams and Co-founder of Influence Her

Jila Javdini, a partner at Slalom Consulting

Both of these leaders have a passion to see women be all they can be at work and achieve the balance we are all looking for. How did they become partners in their respective fields? How can they balance career and the challenge of having young children at home? What is their “why” for passionately giving their time to mentor and grow the women in their HUGE spheres of influence? What are their stories and what are their “whys”?

We have 3 LEXI TALKS – (read about inspirational week at TED last week here)

Debra Trappen, Melissa Benaroya &  Kelly Mitchell will be joining us, are all of whom are amazing entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge to share.

7 on 7  - (can’t wait for this!)

7 women sharing for 7 minutes on their story, their passion, their one thing.

Leaders like Melody Biringer, Kim Crumpler, Jackie Jensen, Jenn Donogh, just to name a few!!!

Immediately following, we break into small groups to engage in the exchange of ideas lead by each speaker; each one of us will be part of and capture the brilliance in the room. After lunch, I am going to speak on Emotional Intelligence and debrief the EQ Assessment each woman took before attending ($100 value). The intention of this assessment is to equip women on how to improve decision making, lower stress levels, increase communication effectiveness and manage personal and professional motivation.

Special Discount Offered

Only one week left for the early bird special! For all you True Life Readers, we have a special promo code for 10% off if you register before March 15th. If you are a male or live out of town and would like information on our live stream just let me know!

Please help us spread LEXI and Happy Women’s Day to you all. 

Your Coach,