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Consistently Building Your Dream

Consistently exercising your biceps will build up your arm muscles, right?

Consistently encouraging your team or staff will foster a positive work atmosphere. Consistently delivering on promises will seal your reputation of reliability and honesty.

You see how powerful consistency is?

So how do you build your consistency muscle?

Goal-based Practices

Here are some actions to take that foster a strong, agile and productive consistency in your professional life.

• Establish actions and habits that are aligned with your goals and practice them regularly.

• Set a standard of excellence in each regular activity and stick to it.

• Communicate with others based on what you want to accomplish, not on temporary circumstances.

• Understand that random changes on your part could cause confusion or extra work for others.

• Hold yourself for doing what you say you will do. When you haven’t done what you promised, be honest about it and make a new commitment that you can keep.

• When possible, establish a pattern or checklist for accomplishing repetitive tasks. Using it will help you achieve reliable, predictable results.

Steps to Growing Consistency

First, ask yourself, what are the things you need to do on a consistent basis to accomplish your goals?

Then, determine which things you are not doing regularly and prioritize them. Decide which ones consistencyyou are willing to commit to doing on a regular basis. Identify any obstacles that may have impeded you in the past and make a plan to overcome them. Ask for help or advice from someone who has mastered consistency, especially someone who performs a similar role to your own.

Make a daily checklist. At the end of the week, review your progress.

Next, identify your top three accountabilities. What actions are required to achieve them?

Identify a step-by-step process that leads you through the actions that must be performed for each of these accountabilities. Establish standardized procedures that are best practices for achieving results. Discuss your ideas with someone you respect and ask for feedback.

Keep a daily progress report on how well you follow the standardized procedures (reporting makes us accountable). Review your daily reports on a regular basis.

Make Your Dream Come True

I don’t believe that “consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative,” as Oscar Wilde famously said. I believe it’s a powerful tool for creative people like you.

Use it to make your dream come true, step by step!

Your Coach,