Corporate Team Coaching

 Coaching is an investment in your people.

In a recent study of Fortune 100 companies, coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program costs as well as…

•77% improvement in relationships
•67% improvement in teamwork
•61% improvement in job satisfaction
•48% improvement in quality

-Economic Times Report

The Chandelle Group, a subsidiary of True Life Coaching offers customized corporate coaching for small, medium and large companies.

We eliminate the emotional drain of leading people.

True Life coaches specialize in helping leaders operate with awareness and integrity so that they can develop high-performance teams that operate with clarity and focus.  The leaders we are privileged to coach are never disappointed with the ROI, and their teams reap rewards not only during the initial team-building work, but also in the long-term, bottom-line results.

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True EXECUTIVE Essentials

  • Lead your company with greater effectiveness
  • Accomplish your goals, find your purpose and manage your time better.
  • Become a stronger, more focused leader, spouse and friend.

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True TALENT Solution

  • Utilize assessment tests to identify leadership qualities.
  • Learn the most effect way to get what you want.
  • Delegate tasks and divide labor based on natural abilities.

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True TEAM Development

  • Understand the secrets of leading a diverse team.
  • Engage in healthy conflict and resolve trust issues.
  • Designed to improve communication and drive within teams.

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Building the Extraordinary Team Workshop

One of our most popular courses, Building The Extraordinary Team Workshop is a fun, informative course for teams of all sizes. No one leaves these meetings without laughing and learning! As individuals get to know their strengths, the team benefits, which translates to bottom-line results. The needs of your company/team drive the agenda, and we will maximize every moment so you get a good return on your time and energy investment.

Teams should be ready and willing to change. This is not group therapy, so the focus is not on the past, but the future, and the team’s desire to grow and to be challenged.

Typically a full day in length, this course can also be scaled down to a half-day event, or expanded to cover a one- or two-day retreat for teams that want to spend more time building inner-team trust.

Branding for Organizations

Organizations today must define and declare their purpose to be successful. Consumers want to be inspired to partner with you. Having a clear vision for them to connect with is imperative. It is how your brand meets the expectation of your customers that will define the true value by which your brand is measured.

We partner with executives to define their organization’s values, vision and purpose.  We clarify and help tap into the social media platforms to build consumer engagement, amplify branding and marketing strategies, as well as help meet brand recognition and revenue generation goals.

We will help you:

  • Define a list of values for you to share with your employees and consumers
  • Understand where your company is today and a vision for where it is going
  • Clarify your purpose… with a solid answer to “Why do you do what you do?”
  • Understand the social media platforms to amplify corporate branding and marketing strategies

A True Life Workshop is a team workshop guided by a certified True Life coach in person and/or via teleconference. The group meets 6 times, every other week for one hour over a 90-day period. At each session, participants will be held accountable for their progress and successes. On the off week, participants will check in with one other student to provide maximum learning and accountability.

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