“Partnering with Shandel I immediately saw results in attaining my personal goals and achieving my professional objectives that we focused on.  My sales productivity increased 30%.  I was more balanced with my personal time and my overall stress level dramatically decreased.”  – Wendy, Sales Professional - Bellevue, WA

“In just two sessions, Shandel gave me life-changing insight into my behavior, resulting in an immediate improvement of my relationships with co-workers.  Her compassion is evident; her truth telling ruthless.  The combination made it possible for me to hear her feedback and adapt my behavior appropriately.” – Lynn, Principal - Seattle, WA

“Shandel Slaten presided over a half day of our corporate sales meeting for the second year in a row. Many existing communication barriers have been reduced through her coaching. She had our entire division buzzing with enthusiasm and comraderie.  The energy is contagious. ” Daryl, CEO – Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for coming to Washington this week and conducting a public policy retreat focused on moving us to a “high performance team “.  We have already begun to incorporate the suggestions that you put forth to capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Adrienne, Vice President, Public Policy – Washington, DC

“Shandel and I have been working together for over a year on an executive coaching level as well as with my employees.  We had some dysfunctional areas and challenges with trust, communication, and belief on one another. Through Shandel’s love, experience and knowledge we are now running on all cylinders and working towards our common goals as an organization and as individuals.  Shandel has been key to our success.  She is an expert in working with all kinds of companies, organizational structures, executives and employees.  What more can I say!  She is absolutely the best.  Elliot, CEO - Redmond, WA

“Shandel has been a catalyst for many hard but positive changes and has inspired me to be the best when I wasn’t sure I could be.  Through my coaching time with Shandel I realized areas in my life where I wasn’t living in integrity, and areas that were full of inconsistency. I have learned to aspire, not to settle.” – Sonya, dental hygienist, Seattle

“Thanks for what you have been doing. I have heard great responses from the Portland office from your time there! What a blessing to have you.” – Wendy - Arlington, VA

“I initially pursued Shandel because I thought I was ready for a job change, but not sure which direction to take.  Shandel helped me to realize that I was looking for my job to fulfill things in my life that no job really would.  Since I started talking more openly with family and friends and sharing more of my life with them, I now have stronger and more meaningful relationships. Making decisions about how I spend my time at work and in my personal life has never been easier or more fulfilling.” – Lisa, Attorney at Law

“I was a stressed, overwhelmed, disorganized, anxious and confused “rookie” business owner!  Shandel gave me the LIGHT BULB MOMENT that will never burn out!  With her support and coaching, I now have effective systems in place and communication skills that allow me to enjoy my business and experience balance in my life.  Shandel is a tremendous true life coach!” – Susan, Marketing

“Shandel’s ability to cut through the excuses, clarify the issues, and get to the heart of a matter in a way that is never disrespectful or condemning is what makes her such a wonderful coach.  Shandel sees the issues, yet through her coaching she allows the revelations to come from the individual she is working with. I now have the ability to pursue my passions and face challenges head on without retreating in fear or self-doubt.” – Carmen, Attorney at Law

“… Before my time with Shandel, I minimized my accomplishments and was very hard on myself.  I did not give myself any margin of error and my quest for perfection beat me into the ground.  With Shandel’s coaching, I was able to stop that cycle of destruction and enter into a much more healthy cycle of celebrating my wins and objectively analyzing my losses.  I discovered what truly motivates me and how I deal with conflict and situations I disagree with.  Shandel has an ability to get right to the heart of the matter and to help me see what the heart of a matter is……Shandel has helped me bring consistency, sustainability and contentment to my life.”  – Alex, Financial Planner

“When I took the DISC and saw that my design was on purpose and could be measured, in an instant, I went from despising, to celebrating myself.  Having a coach has given me a freedom and confidence in relationships that had eluded me my whole life. Now, I enjoy myself and others tremendously. I didn’t know life could be so much fun!”  With deep gratitude,  Laurel – Actress

“Instead of pursuing my passions, I was living life filled with fear, reservation, and self-doubt……. During our coaching, Shandel and I focused extensively on the complete and total lack of boundaries that existed in many of my relationships.  Shandel held me accountable and taught me the tools necessary to establish healthy, boundary-firm relationships in my life.  I am now able to set boundaries… in a healthy, respectful, and anger free manner.”  - Carrie, Event Planner, Seattle, WA

“When I was going through the decision process to make a major career change in my life, the details seemed overwhelming and made the decision process a very difficult one.  It was great to have Shandel available to help me keep the big picture clear and help see how those details were working together under God’s hand to allow for the changes to happen in my life.” - Scott, Restaurant owner

“Shandel’s passion, energy, and faith are inspiring.  She is there for support and advice at any moment and always with a smile… her one on one attention has assisted in my personal and professional growth, more than could be measured.  The way that she delights in this growth of others is just one more testament to her character.  She is an amazing woman, coach, and confidant!” – Ramona, Speech Pathologist, Seattle, WA

“Finding a coach was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Within 4 weeks, I had secured a new job.  After 4 months, I had started my own part-time business, which is helping me fill many of the voids my life had.  I no longer feel like I’m stuck in a hole and don’t know the way out.  Shandel keeps me focused on overcoming my obstacles one-by-one, instead of letting me get overwhelmed by the enormity of a situation.” – Jami, Virginia

Shandel, thank you so much for partnering with me on this journey.  I want you to know how valuable your insight and encouragement and friendship (if that’s appropriate) has been to me.  If there ever was a person affected by “analysis paralysis”, it would be me.  With your help I’m slowing moving to the “action” phase.  Thank you.  J.L. Dallas, TX

“Shandel Slaten has helped me identify truths that have been nagging at me for years.  Through our work together, she’s helped me find ways to be happier, more productive, and more satisfied with my business and personal life.  I could have spend thousands of dollars in therapy when all I needed was Shandel to “tell it like it is” so I could get on with my life.”  – Nancy, Bellevue, WA

“Working with Shandel has made all the difference between hating my business and being tired every day to the point where I am now, where running my business is a joy and effortless.  She helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve rather than all the things that needed to be done.  What is most important, she helped me do this while helping me honor my commitment to running my business based on my values, not on what people expect.” – Nancy, CEO

“The light went on for me when Shandel helped me discover that it was OK for me to step fully into my own shoes and simply be myself…” – Bob, CEO – Kirkland, WA

”Thank you very much for putting together such a great workshop this week.  Your energy and desire to help us understand ourselves was incredible and obviously worked.  I’ve taken other personality tests before but never felt such an understanding of how they are played out in the real world.” -Rory, VP of Sales, Sacramento, CA