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The Curse All Visionary Leaders Face!

Seattle Seahawks FB page

Seattle Seahawks FB page

Does Pete Carroll expect his team to win? Yes! (So do I! #GoHawks!)  It is a stated expectation! The whole team is in, moving toward that high calling to be Super Bowl champions!

Not all goals and expectations are so out front and clear, though, are they? What happens when they’re not?

What happens when expectations are UNstated — or unrealistic, or unconscious, or even, at times, the right dream at the wrong time?

Here’s what happens: Disappointment, distrust, and cynicism! Teams dissolve, balls are dropped, goals are missed, relationships become broken.

Ironically, as leaders with an optimistic view of all the possibilities, developing a bold vision of the future is our #1 priority. But very often we’re clueless to our own unacknowledged expectations of that bold vision.

It’s the curse of the visionary leader!

We are all guilty of it and it has affected most of us in one form or another. So let’s take some time to really examine the ramifications. In my next post I’ll talk about the “why” of unstated expectations, and then the bad stuff they lead to. But then we’ll look at how to fix the situation! There’s always hope!

And until then let’s keep the expectation that the Seahawks will win.

BTW…This totally inspired me! The Seahawks are in to win it for Nick, watch this behind-the-scenes video, along with a tear-jerker video of our friend Nick Magnotti, who passed away this month and left a message of hope for his one-year-old daughter. Alyssa and Austyn are at the Superbowl as a gift from a giver of hope. #winitfornick – spread the word!

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