The Value Of Personal Accountability – Alan Andersen

Have you read our most recent quarterly newsletter? In it we discussed gossip and the insidious effect it can have on relationships of all kinds. Being accountable and deciding if we are adding to negativity is an important in our personal accountability process.

This week we feature our newest coach, Alan Andersen. Alan addresses the topic of personal accountability. What role does it play in the workplace? In our personal relationships? Let’s find out!

Here’s Alan…

Have you noticed that we live in a day and age where one of our societal norms is having a low level of awareness? We hear employees say things like, “I can’t believe I didn’t get the promotion!” or “I had no idea that my communication style irritated you.”

What is the cost of this pervasive and detrimental disease? First, here are a few stats on our current state of stress, dissatisfaction and unhappiness:

The net effect is that 70% of the workforce is disengaged and this costs the U.S. economy more than 400 billion dollars (yes, ‘B’…FOR BILLION) in lost productivity annually! So what is the antidote to lost productivity?

Personal Accountability. The primary way to combat this shortfall is to adopt the practice of personal accountability. Instead of being in a typical individual or company become different! The choice is yours and the reality is that this is not rocket science but it does take diligent training.

I’ll share a personal anecdote that will get you heading in the right direction. This mindset has served me well in my journey to be more personally accountable. The concept is called “Win 3” and it’s taken from a story in the must-read QBQ by John G. Miller.

Essentially to be most successful at whatever I am doing, I have to win in 3 critical areas of life…

  1. Myself. I must overcome my fears; crushing apathy and training (personally and professionally) like no one else.

  2. My Opponent. The metaphorical opponent may be a project, competitor or even my colleague. I must “win them over”.

  3. The Referee. The ref is a metaphor for things out of my control. I must overcome any hitch, hurdle or hardship.

What if we approached each day with a fresh spirit to winsomely overcome obstacles or critics? I am not alluding to a zero sum game, but rather a win-win approach to our personal and professional life. I assure you, if we lived in such a manner that no one or thing could take us down. We would be unstoppable.

So how do I become unstoppable? I am glad you asked, it all starts with asking “Proactive Questions”. Proactive questions are at the root of Personal Accountability. This is training that Shandel Group specializes in and we can help you, your team and even your leadership grow into personally accountable people.

If you’re ready to gain productivity or increase performance, we can help! We will engage, empower and equip you and your people to learn the art of asking the proactive question and become unstoppable.

- Alan Andersen

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