Tips on Communicating with High Compliance Folks

Last week, I had the opportunity to film a debrief on our new TTI Talent Insight assessment. We are going to produce a DVD to assist folks in debriefing their own reports. Super fun time. Pictured here is one of my favorite analogies explaining the difference between High Compliance (affectionately called Hi C) and Low Compliance (Low C) and how differently they solve problems.

Some folks are better planners and analyze before they start a project and others like to just do it and figure it out as they go.

This month we gave away 10 of these assessments on our Facebook page to folks who “like” us. I can already tell a few of those winners are high Compliance folks. I can’t wait for them to be free to know who they are and live with more intention because of it. I thought I would pass on some tips from the report on communicating with the Compliance folks in your life.

Here are a few tips:

When communicating with a high Compliance you will find them to be dependent, neat, conservative, perfectionist, careful and compliant.

You would be wise to:

1. First prepare your “case” in advance.

2. Stick to business.

3. Be accurate and realistic.

Factors that will create tension or dissatisfaction:

1. Being giddy, casual, informal, loud.

2. Pushing too hard or being unrealistic with deadlines.

3. Being disorganized or messy.

Just a few tips to help you communicate with the task-oriented introverts in your life.

What tips do you have for us extroverts who need your coaching?

Your Coach For Clarity,