Silence Is Not Golden, It Is Deadly – Clarity #34


You may not realize it, but the problems you are facing right now at work or at home may very well be traced to silence. YES! Silence is deadly. In Week 34 of Clarity we discuss the potential results of silence and how it affects relationships and work environments. For those who have not yet… 
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F.O.C.U.S. On What Matters. Clarity #2


One of the greatest things we can do in life is to set our eyes and focus on what matters most.  There is a lot of content that we will be drilling down on this week to discover what it means to get clear. As we center on things that truly matter, we become more… 
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Are you on Track or De-railed?


Have you ever felt like your life has become de-railed? Unhinged? Chaotic? Here is a list of things to consider when you feel overwhelmed thinking about how to get life back in order. We are here to help! Your Coach,     The Top 10 Tips to Get Back on Track After You’ve De-railed 1…. 
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The Top 10 Ways to Be in the Present


Sometimes we are so focused on the future that we neglect the day in which we are living. Let us focus on this very moment and make it the best it can be! What are you doing TODAY to focus on THIS 24 hours? Your Coach,   The Top 10 Ways to Be in the Present… 
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The Top 10 Tips on How To Have a Positive Attitude


Sometimes we let our attitudes control everything in our lives.  Here are some great reminders of how to positively affect your life by simply changing the way you think! The Top 10 Tips on How To Have a Positive Attitude 1. Take ownership of your attitude. We control our attitude. It is not something that… 
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Getting Things Done (GTD)


If you’re like me, you learned about David Allen’s GTD method about 10 years ago. While not an early adopter (since GTD was published in 2002) there was still some geeking out on this new productivity method. Then there are a number of you who don’t care. You don’t need a method for GTD. You… 
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Opportunity; The Cornerstone of Accomplishment


I love that quote from Jordan! That’s saying a lot since Earvin “Magic” Johnson is my favorite basketball athlete of all time. But Jordan encapsulates the reality of what winning really is. Regardless if you’re into sports or not, the spirit of Jordan’s quote should ring true for any leader. I want to highlight what… 
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The One Question you Should be Asking


There is a relatively short list of people who have had direct and personal influence on my life like Dave Kraft! He is a man who is a living definition of how Shandel Group defines leadership. All the more, he has stood the test of time. Now in the latter part of his life, he… 
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Ten-ish Must Read Books


Tremendous (as Charlie was often called) was spot on, at least in my experience. About this time 5 years ago, I had just been invited to join the Executive Team at a franchisor HQ in South Seattle. I had been training and equipping small business owners and their teams to scale and grow quickly. Doing… 
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Learning from Tesla | The Value of Clear Communication


We interrupt this broadcast with a special report… Okay, not really. However, I just wrapped up a great meeting with a colleague in the Professional Training and Development world. As we discussed ways to engage and motivate people to growth, I was reminded of a sobering story about genius. Namely that of Nikola Tesla. In this… 
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Cross-Learning Clarity


Like you, I want to become better. Better in my practice of faith, loving and providing for my family (wife and kids, which I wish someone would’ve told me are two different responsibilities!), partnership with Shandel Group, participation in local civic duties, member of the Seattle community, etc. But why are we unable to quickly… 
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How to Give Feedback that Actually Works!


This week, we are talking about constructive feedback. Here are some suggestions to help you get the conversation started with your team. Below, 13 entrepreneurs share some insight on how they communicate with their key people when they start sliding in their performance. In your own experience, what has worked for you? Your Coach,  … 
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