The Value of Personal Accountability


A number of our clients are experiencing renewed energy and unexpected team cohesion as we’ve been equipping them on the practice of personal accountability this year. This is music to our ears! For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, we’ll review why the Value of Personal Accountability is significant. For those of you familiar… 
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Trust AND Verify


Would anyone actually say that “Trust” isn’t valuable? I doubt it, however, I find that most Leaders, Managers and Front-line staff don’t pause long enough to realize many of their individual or organizational issues are due to lack of trust. Instead of realizing the power of mutual trust and working to create space for trust… 
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Smart Goals Equal Attainable Goals


Last week Shandel Group Coach Alan Andersen shared with us about goal-setting. If you perform a simple online search on this topic, articles and blog are numerous! This is clearly a topic people are into reading about! How about you? Ever wonder how to set goals, especially ones that revolve around a particular project? Today… 
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Two Tools you Need


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. The chances that you have not heard that infamous line from Lincoln are tremendously low. And yet, how much power are in those few words. Every time we hear that quote, we should be encouraged to… 
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Oops! Five Ways to Recover After You’ve Made a Leadership Mistake


As a coach, it is my constant quest to help leaders lead well. All leaders at some point will make a mistake…And when that happens, it is vital that you immediately work on regaining trust, communication and influence with your team. How you may ask? Ron Edmundson has some great tips below that are brief… 
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What No One Tells You About Life and Leadership


We’ve discussed that perpetual hunger is a key characteristic of a healthy leader. But let’s pause for a moment to clarify this metaphorical “hunger”. I recently met with my OD (Organization Development) mastermind group (technically we’re a book club, but let’s not put labels on things). Imagine a group of highly smart, articulate leaders that head… 
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Healthy Leader


Recently we  looked at Healthy Leadership. Now let’s look at characteristics of a Healthy Leader. How would you define Healthy Leader? Gratefully, I’ve been in some form of formal leadership for over 15 years. I’ve heard a lot of varying definitions for “Leader”. Within the last 5 or so years however, I’ve landed on a less… 
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Healthy Leadership


What does your mind think of when you hear a title like “Healthy Leadership”? Maybe you’re reminded of the time(s) you worked under an ill-equipped supervisor. Or more positively you’re mindful of great leaders from the past like Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. Well, have you looked up the definition of… 
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How are you Investing?


How are your investments doing lately? Not your monetary investments, but your investments in the PEOPLE that work for you? In Week 17 of Clarity I talked about how important it is to invest in your team. YOU are the one who has the greatest ROI! Mark Miller shares some great suggestions below to empower,… 
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Why Should I Partner with Shandel Group?


I love great questions. After all, the value of an answer is directly tied to the quality of the question. Unfortunately our society has forgotten this interdependent relationship. However, one of the best questions that I was asked recently was why a prospect organization should partner with Shandel Group and adopt our tools and techniques…. 
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