What is the first sign that trust is eroding? 7 tips to help! Clarity #10

Why do thriving businesses, organizations and families fall a part? Let's break it down step by step.

Business is all about relationships. Think about it. Relationships with your customers, vendors, shareholders, employees, media, and when the relationships dissolves so does the business.

Relationships break down because trust begins to be questioned, silently eroding, and then eventually breaks completely.

A lot of my job is ultimately resolving conflict. Business growth is not where it could be because relationships are not high functioning and trust is eroding.  When we drill down into what has broken trust.  Ninety-five percent of the time it boils down to a small mis-communication that never was addressed. When the conflict is addressed head-on all sorts of power and resources are released into the organization.

When there is a lack of trust

When an organization or family unit starts down the path of not trusting each other the next step naturally is to avoid conflict. Then we see there is a lack of communication and people withholding pertinent information necessary to make the best decisions. A lack of trust will affect culture, profit, teamwork, and of course the fun!

Here are 7 tips to help build trust:

1. Be open and vulnerable in your key relationships.

2. Take risks to express what is on your mind.

3. Be willing to share your heart and your feelings as well as your ideas.

4. Admit when you are wrong and ask forgiveness when you fail.

5. Confront issues within 24 hours so that nothing comes between you – usually a misunderstanding.

6. Care enough to tell the truth with grace and love.  But tell it!

7. Develop your own inner self of trust which will allow you the ability to trust others more readily.

For more thoughts on trust. Read week #10 of the Clarity: Focusing on What Matters book. Its never too late to join in the journey. Just buy or download the book, turn to page 20 and share your insights.

How are you developing trust in your key relationships? Please share below – I love to hear from you.

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