Do You Have What It Takes To Get To The Next Level? Clarity #11

This question haunts most leaders with a big vision. In fact, the more successful a person becomes the more they wrestle with that inner voice asking, “Can I really keep this up?” “What if I can't pull this off? “Will it be found out that I doubt myself?” This type of questioning is very common and it must be dealt with in humility and truth.

If you do not answer it with humility then you will be striving and causing chaos all around you seeking the approval of people and validation of numbers. You will subconsciously drive yourself and those around you to unhealthy extremes.

In working through Clarity: Focusing on What Matters, week #11 challenges us with some hard questions to overcome this question with probing questions and challenges to rise above the nagging self-talk into, well, CLARITY into who you are, where you are going, and who is following.

Three probing questions to help you overcome the voice:

1. What is your personal definition of success?

If you do not have your own definition then you are striving after someone else's definition and chances are it is the media or your peer group.

2. What are the names of the people you are seeking approval from?

Many times we have an unconscious need to prove something to a past ghost or voice. Like our parents, teacher in 2nd grade, or football coach. Let it go!

3. What are your core values?

If you are honoring your top 5 values you will be satisfied. You will know you have what it takes for your hope is not what the world says is important. You will know your value is in the fact that you put first things first.

This is just a start to begin your journey. If you are unsure of the above then I suggest you plan to take our Life301 class in the new year. In the meantime, challenge yourself to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?” with the answer YES!

You do have it takes so go forward with humble confidence and lead!

Please share below your thoughts and challenges.

Your Coach For Clarity!