When I grow up I want to be significant. Clarity #12

Taylor caught digging into my purse which included this book. LOL!

When asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What was your answer?  Did it come true? Were you even close?

It is interesting to go back to those innocent childhood replies and see what was at the heart of your answer. It is there we often find a clue to our values and ultimately our purpose.

What is your real desire?

In week 12 of Clarity, I shared my experience of wrestling with this question.  What I found is I want to make a difference in people’s lives using wisdom and truth to have:

  • Impactful Clarity
  • Authentic Connection
  • True Compassion

I might have taken the wrong road had I just looked at the “jobs” around me instead of the difference I wanted to make.  The journey I was on had me seeking after a career that intrigued me or was performed by someone who had left an impact on me. When we get real and honor the core parts of who we are – we find our purpose.

Truth Comes First

First, we must remove the false self, the mask, and the shame and get to truth. Truth will always lead us to our purpose, the reason we are here on this Earth. And our purpose is always about what we will do for others.

Significance matters

In the end, leaders want to make an impact, influence others, and leave a legacy. They want to know their life has significance and that it matters. Knowing that our life is one of significance and value changes everything. It gives us confidence, focus, and ultimately true joy.

Are you living a life of significance. Do you know that you matter?  Well you do!

Please share your opinion to the draw for significance and purpose?

Your Coach For Clarity