Is your TO-DO list value-based? If not ditch it now! Clarity #15

Why are you letting that one annoying task, errand or habit hinder your success? If you're like me, it just seems easier to tolerate it and let it hang there than do something about it.

The problem occurs when you let too many of these “little” tolerations pile up. It will get in the way of you living by your values and with purpose. I guarantee it!

This week's Clarity challenge is to take care of one thing that has been nagging you.  One thing you have been allowing to steal your precious mind space and energy.

If you have taken the 90 day LIFE 301 workshop then you are well versed in the power of getting rid of the things that hinder your progress toward living a fulfilled life. If you have not, then please join us in January AND in the meantime, let's get rid of at least one thing on your to-do list TODAY.

Is your TO-DO list value based?

Consider your top personal core values. Next, take your ongoing “To-Do” checklist and alongside each item list what core value of yours it supports. The process of aligning the to-do with one of your core values or top priorities will help you see if you are focusing on what matters most. This should either help you want to get the task done or leave you more drained and unmotivated than ever. To read more about the benefits of defining your values check out Clarity Week 5 here.

Ditch It

A dear friend of mine was in my Life 301 class in 2005. We were working on this exercise and she said one of the main drainers of energy for her was the fact that she didn't want to reconcile her checking account but it had been on her “to do” list for years. Hearing her reason, knowing how ultra organized and conservative she is, and having knowledge of her financial situation I said, “don't do it”. Ditch it, cross it off the list, and don't think about it again. You are free.

Six years later she is still telling the story and still has freedom..and an unreconciled account.

Prioritize it

When you do find items that align to your values it is time to prioritize. Find the one that you have been avoiding the most and do a cost / reward analysis. What will it cost you – financially, emotionally, etc? What is the cost of not getting it done? What will you gain by getting it done? What are the long-term rewards? Now do it! Seriously, one step right now.

I was babysitting my niece this weekend and as we were working on saying “please and thank you”, I suddenly remembered my “to-do.”  I have two thank you notes that I have carried in my backpack for 2 weeks, 4 states and 6 flights! They are still not done. 

Convicted as I write, I promise they will be in the mail in the next 24 hours. Why? Because I highly value my relationships and I desire them to know how much I appreciate them in return.

Envision It

What will be the outcome if you just get the thing off your plate? DONE! What will it allow you to accomplish? It is now time to change the language of the “to-do” into a WANT. Right now, put a date on the calendar, find someone to hold you accountable, and say out loud what it is you intend on doing and how you will feel when you have accomplished it.

In fact, shout it out loud below – I'd love to hear and support you.

Your Coach For Clarity