How To Develop Your Family / Personal Mission Statement – Clarity #19

“Any time I have seen someone accomplishing something magnificent, They have been a monomaniac with a mission.  A single-minded individual with a passion.” ~ Peter Drucker

In business, the mission statement answers the question, “What does your company do?” (to whom do they service, and what makes you different?)

And just like many struggling businesses, most people spend way too much time talking about what we need to do instead of taking an action step toward GETTING IT DONE!  By knowing your personal mission statement you will know with the full clarity why you are here on Earth and what you are meant to accomplish.  We all desire our life to matter and to have purpose.

A mission statement is a declaration of HOW you are going to DO what is most important to you. How you are going to live out your values and make your vision a reality within your sphere of influence. This statement needs to drive you, be oriented around your passion, what you want to give to the world, and your gifts, talents, and unique purpose.

Let’s Define Mission

Photo: Ran Slaten – Shandel Circa 1996

A mission is a declaration of what you are here to do. Your mission is your assignment that must be carried out.

Laurie Beth Jones in her book, The Path relays a story her uncle once told her. During WWII if an unidentified soldier appeared in the dark and could not state his mission, he was automatically shot without question. WOW, think if that was reinstated!

Or consider the famous line from Mission Impossible, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves…”, then he was given a clear statement of what he was to go do. While the mission was given to Ethan Hunt, your mission statement is to be discovered, defined, and deployed by you. This is your statement. It’s your creed, the assignment that you give and accept yourself. If you should choose to accept it, first you have to define it.

Your Mission

One of the definitions for mission is a self-imposed duty. Another definition is a specific task that a person is sent to perform. Through the next exercise you will begin to unravel the specific tasks you want to give or contribute to your sphere of influence.

I agree with Laurie Beth Jones as she delineates her idea of a good mission statement:

  • A mission statement should be no more than a single sentence long.
  • It should be easily understood by a twelve-year-old.
  • It should be able to be recited by memory at gunpoint.

My Desire

My desire is that you, your spouse, and your children will be able to recite your family mission statement on command. Additionally, that each individual person will be clear on their personal mission and live it each day. Intentional living comes effortlessly when you are living your values led by your mission. Use the helpful formula below as a family or as an individual family member.

Personally, I believe it is key to first define your top 5 values. I have written quite a few blogs on this lately and have my LIFE 301 class as an excellent resource for you.

It’s Time To WORK

Let’s get to work! The first step is to pick the action you are going to take to realize your mission. An action word is a verb – so let’s start by choosing a few verbs or the action words that resonate strongly with the core of who you are and what you WANT to accomplish. What action are you willing to take to fulfill your mission in life?

Again, your mission statement is just that YOURS. You can have it read however you wish as long as it meets the above criteria. Jones gives an easy framework to draw from – here is her model.  Gather the family and get to work.  As you fill in the formula, you will want to make it your own and remember to continue to tweak it until it sings to you.

Our / My mission is to

____________________, _________________________, __________________

(your three verbs)


(your core value or values)

to, for, or with


(the group/cause which most moves/excites you)

Write it here in your own words.



Refine It

Can you simplify it?  Does it need to be refined?  Does it totally motivate you to action?  Do you want to tell everyone you meet what your mission is and enlist him or her to help you fulfill it?

Live it

Now it is time to make sure you live this out everyday of your life. It is the filter for which to run all your decisions through…Does this (*choice*) help me fulfill my mission?

Please share your mission below and if on twitter share it with the world and be sure and tag me @shandel so I can celebrate you. 

We are on Week #19  following the book Clarity: Focusing on What Matters. Fantastic gift and resource for tips on living an intentional life.

Your Coach For Clarity,