What Kind Of Risk Taker Are You? Clarity #24

This is such a timely subject that I decided to include an excerpt from my book CLARITY: FOCUSING ON WHAT MATTERS. We are on week #24 and if you have not read the book or following along with our year long challenge – join in now.

Real Risk For Real Relationships

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I had a few too many opportunities for adventure: jumping snowmobiles in the full moon, passing three logging trucks on a two-lane highway in a ’71 Vega, leaping off 40-foot cliffs into the Feather River, and countless other near death experiences. Let’s just say that some adventures were cause for a visit to the chiropractor on Monday morning.

These days, I’ve traded adventure stunts for business tactics. Perhaps you’re like me. A different type of risk defines us…until someone challenges us to look deeper, or within. We may be successful but are we wealthy in relationships?

Intimacy is necessary for rich relationships. The only way to have true intimacy is to risk your self emotionally. At this point, the risk-taker in many of us comes to a screeching halt. Thinking of exposing our inner being is enough to send half of us running!

Where is your gap?

Have you felt a gap within you? You want love, but as you pull people in, your attempt for true intimacy is sabotaged. The fear of rejection and the risk of truly being yourself unconsciously pushes love away, creating a gap.

Here’s the sad part. We medicate the gap. With work, alcohol, food, pornography, shopping, bad relationships, adrenaline sports, travel and vacations, and even the latest pharmaceutical drug marketed to us. We keep our brain just busy enough that we don’t have to connect to our heart. Our public persona is beautifully rewarded, so we keep medicating the gap. Yet our true self is never quite fulfilled and is left searching for significance and purpose.

Bridge the gap

So how do you bridge the gap toward real intimacy? Decide to build up enough emotional strength to be authentic and trust another. Maybe you start by trusting your closest friend, or maybe you start by trusting God. You must start somewhere and yes, you might get hurt. But denying truth doesn’t change its reality. Risk may bring pain, but risk also brings freedom and reward.

I want you to have the freedom to love and to be loved. When you are ready to take a risk emotionally, then you are ready to open up your heart and soul. Develop a team of safe people to support you in your new venture.

Decide to be a true risk taker, today. What risk will you take today?

Your Coach For Clarity