F.O.C.U.S. On What Matters. Clarity #2

One of the greatest things we can do in life is to set our eyes and focus on what matters most.  There is a lot of content that we will be drilling down on this week to discover what it means to get clear. As we center on things that truly matter, we become more impactful, beyond what just seem efficient and practical.

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I just got back from my morning workout where the trainer had us balance on one foot and do some kind of bicep exercise.  My left ankle is weak and so I was getting really frustrated that I could not stop wobbling about.  It only got worse as I got mad at myself for not getting my ankle fixed, then blamed the teacher for such a long drawn out exercise, and finally was distracted by all the other wobbly people in front of me.  Then seriously, I remembered this week’s theme.

FOCUS!  Oh yes!  With that kick in the behind, I stopped the negative chatter in my brain, found a spot on the floor and focused on it intently.  BINGO – I was as steady as a rock!  I was able to complete the exercise with perfection and as we moved on to the other leg, I found a spot right in front of me and YEP the strategy worked perfectly.  It wasn’t until I focused on one thing and changed my inner dialogue that I was able to be strong and steady.

FOCUS allowed me to actually work on the problem and start strengthening that weak part instead of blaming others and blasting myself.

What are the areas that distract you and keep you from focusing on what truly matters to you?

We are only on week #2, so if you don’t have the book yet you can order it from us or get in on Amazon – I love it on Kindle.  Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for even more useful information on this week’s subject!

Your Coach,

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