It's Simple – It's Just Not Easy! Clarity #4

“Sometimes the questions are the complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

If there is one word that keeps coming up in so many of conversations it is the word “Simplify.” During our Week #2 challenge, we drilled down on simplifying our environment and this week we are invited to simplify our complicated lives by living by our values.

As I was preparing to launch into this week’s Clarity challenge, I got a phone call from a dear friend and a fellow entrepreneur who inspired me to shout it loud – KNOW YOUR VALUES = SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.

He was sharing how his life got truly overwhelming and complicated with too many start-ups going at once.  He has an amazing talent of seeing opportunity and taking an idea from fruition to profitability!  In an epiphanic moment, he realized his need to simplify, get out of all the peripheral “cool” but not quite the “one” thing and get clear on the thing he does best.

He got back to his values.

As he began to focus on what he is really good at and what is truly important, he began eliminating all the good things that drown out what he can be BEST at in this season.  As I listened to his current venture, I was moved by how much my life would be improved if his idea takes off.  What resonated with me, is that anytime we find something that truly help others live a better life, we are getting close to our purpose.  Anytime, your life helps others – you will find value and worth.  How cool to hear his victory of his simplification leading to such clarity for all of us.

What about you?

Is your life too complicated?   What one thing can you do right now that would simplify your life?  What must you say “no” to so that you can “yes” to the things that align with your values.

“You will be more fulfilled, more focused, and a heck of a lot more fun to be around.” – Clarity pg.9

What gets in the way of people living a simple value-centered life?  Please share your thoughts below…

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