3 Benefits for Honoring Your Values. Are you living it? Clarity #5

Last weekend, I took my buddy's canoe out for the first time in 3 years and forgot all about the feet peddle things that steer the rudder.  I ended up working over time, wearing my arms out, and struggling to stay straight ahead. There I was wasting all sorts of energy because I was not using the small easy touch of my feet to the steer the rudder. DAH!

Every person has core values that make up who we are, what we want and how we live. Identifying your core values will help you live in the moment and focus on what is truly important.

Your core values are the rudder that guide your life. If you have not identified your core values you are either floating without direction or wasting all sorts of energy trying not to drown or loose your balance.  Either way you probably not feeling fulfilled in your life purpose and where you are headed.

On our quest for Clarity, Week 5 seriously challenges us to get laser focused on what matters most by coming up with our top 5 values to orient our life around.

Here are 3 benefits to discovering and honoring your values?

1.  Clarified values help you hold to the standards you have set for yourself.

When we are clear on our values we do not live a compromised life.  People know what we stand for, what to expect of us, and how they can interact with us.  Once we taste of that respect and authenticity we hold ourselves to that stand and stay true to the values that define us.

2.  Knowing your core values allows you to stop reacting and start responding to live.

When you do not have that rudder you will be reacting to every wave of disruption that comes your way.  That is exhausting! Instead, know your thespyexpert values and you will confidently respond to opportunities that align with your values and easily filter out the rest.

3. Honoring your values is the quickest route to living a fulfilled life.

If you are living a decent life you may be satisfied getting by as you get your needs met. Where as when your values are clarified you will find a shift from satisfied to truly fulfilled living. We tackle this distinction for 3 sessions in our Life 301 workshop and will speak more of it on Wednesday.  It's a good one so don't miss it!  :)

We are in week #5 of our Summer of Clarity. If you haven't grabbed the book don't wait. We are here to help you grow your personal and professional leadership.  Join in!  There is no real start date so get going… If not now, when?

Your Coach for Clarity,