What I Want You to STOP Doing in 2016

Last week in our newsletter I shared with you my wish list for the new year. Not only are things I wish for you, there are also things I want you to STOP doing – things that are keeping you from being your very best self!

What I want you to stop doing…

I want you to stop tolerating mediocrity, first in yourself and then in others.
I want you to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. I want you to stop the tendency to blame.
I want you to stop managing people and start coaching/leading them. Manage tasks, lead people. Figure out the difference.
I want you to stop striving. Stop performing.  Stop trying to prove yourself that you have what it takes. You do!
I want you to stop demanding too much of yourself. When you do that, you subconsciously demand more of others, even if you say you do not.
I want you to stop being controlled by popular opinion and do the right thing even if it costs you. I want you to stop your approval addiction. Being a peacemaker is an amazing leadership quality that quickly slips into the dysfunction of people-pleasing. Know the difference.
I want you to stop using work and “I’m too busy” as an excuse. You are accountable for yourself and you make choices all day long. You always have time to do what you want, so want something different. Fact: If you are too busy there is something wrong.
I want you to stop playing games and be genuine. Be You.
I want you to stop being a coward and tolerating lying. Instead, speak truth with love and compassion.
I want you to stop hiring people just like you. Hire people different and preferably smarter than you. Stop tolerating low performers and people who don’t “get it.”
I want you to stop getting your identity from your work. Go home and be the personyou want your kids to remember. Stop saying “when I have the time, I will.”
Do it now. Live it now. If not, when?

I encourage you to take the self-evaluation I created on our website. It will give you an idea of where to focus in 2016 and where you might need additional support, training — or even a coach.

If you email the evaluation back to us, we will ask you how you are doing in 90 days. Take it a few times. Each time, think about each of the roles you play and your spheres of influence, starting with yourself. Use the hyperlinks for additional tools to help you be the leader you want to be in your organization, your family and your life.

Here is to a profitable 2016, now go be the best you can be today!




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