You Can Learn to Win!

It’s a fact of life. Achieving your goals sometimes means other people don’t achieve theirs. The naturally competitive person probably doesn’t give much thought to this, though. He or she is out to WIN.

Tenacious, bold, assertive, confident — with a will to WIN. Is that you?

If so, you probably drive competitively, shop competitively, play games competitively and work competitively.

But maybe you’re more like my friend. Competent, creative, professional, she nevertheless can’t watch the Olympics because she can’t bear to see people lose. All she can think about is these young people’s dreams going down in flames in a fraction of a second. It breaks her heart.

My friend often feels left behind when it comes to ambition and confidence and drive. What about you?

A Skill to Develop

Here’s some good news: you can learn to cultivate competitiveness!

Why bother? One simple answer is that developing competitive skills can give you a better chance for accomplishing achievements that truly matter to you.

Don’t focus on what other people have that you wish you had, or what other people are doing that you’re not. Instead, focus on what YOU want, how YOU will get it and what YOU will do when YOU achieve it! The key to healthy competitiveness is already inside you!

Focus on the Prize

As always, we at True Life Inc. strongly advise that you don’t try to tackle all this by yourself! Build a supportive team around you that can encourage you to be courageous and can hold you accountable. Of course, hiring an executive coach is a brilliant idea too!

Here’s a list of behaviors and attitudes from Bill Brooks that can help you strengthen your competitive spirit. Or, if you’re naturally competitive, these will help you harness that energy!

  • Focus on setting, achieving and re-evaluating goals.
  • Imagine and visualize winning.
  • Be respectful to everyone but don’t be intimidated by anyone.
  • Set yourself up for some easy victories. Not everything has to be difficult!
  • Be persistent and patient. Winning takes hard work and often a lot of time.
  • Ask other people for help if you need it.
  • Help other people achieve their goals.
  • Take time to relax, re-focus your thoughts and get away from the day-to-day.

 No Second Best

Remember, you deserve success as much as anyone else. Be proud of your achievements. Strive for excellence, and don’t settle for second best.

What action can you take today to work on your competitive skills? Share it below!

Your Coach,


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