Stop Seeking A Balanced Life! Clarity #31

Last week I joined my family in our annual camping trip to Bucks Lake, CA. It was awesome! In addition to swimming, hiking, and lots of sleeping, I relaxed in the warm sunshine on my parents’ boat and read six books. The highlight was a five-mile hike on a trail Mom’s friend told her about. At one point we didn’t know which direction to take, and Mom remembered that her friend said at the top to “follow the markers.” Sure enough, the remainder of the trail was marked by stacked rocks. We were on the right path. But examining those stacks of rocks got me thinking about the concept of balance. I don’t believe that balance should be utopia, the Holy Grail, the chief end in life. Here I am a life coach and I don’t think people should be focused on balance.

Stop Seeking A Balanced Life!

Sounds heretical, doesn’t it? But here’s what I mean. I had come to the lake to be refreshed — to get back into “balance.” But was balance my goal? No, being rested and recharged so I could fulfill my purpose in life was my goal. Balance was a means to the goal. Those perfectly balanced rocks just sat there serving their purpose. Their balance enabled them to be markers. When people are seeking balance, I think they are searching for something more. I think they are looking for what those rocks had: purpose. I write more about this topic in my monthly newsletter that will come out next week. Maybe you’d like to sign up and receive it. Just click here and we will make sure you get the “rest of the story.” What do you think balance looks life in your life? I would love to hear your comments below. Your Coach,